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The future of unions in the United States - Research Paper Example

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The Future of Labor Unions in United States Labor unions are legal and recognized representatives of the workers in different industries. Throughout the history of United States, there are different labor unions formed for the workers of different industries and sectors…
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The future of unions in the United States
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Download file to see previous pages The Future of Labor Unions in United States Labor unions are legal and recognized representatives of the workers in different industries. Throughout the history of United States, there are different labor unions formed for the workers of different industries and sectors however, the labor unions found among the public sector employees like the police and the teachers are most prominent among all the labor unions.Historically the labor unions have played important role for the protection of the employee rights and right from the beginning people used to favor as well as oppose the labor unions in the companies. However, recently they have been experiencing major decline in their membership due to which there is high level of uncertainty in the country regarding the future of the labor unions in United States. The labor Unions in America have seen many difficulties in terms of the membership however despite all difficulties the labor union never faced such a fall in the membership after the year 1932 that these are facing in the recent years especially in the private service sector. According to the estimates the membership of the US labor Unions in the private sector has dropped almost 9 percent in the recent years that shows that the workers are now less interested in joining the labor unions or taking any active part in the strike activities organized by the labor unions. Currently only 11.9% of the wages and salary workers are member of the labor union that shows massive decline in the membership of these unions. ...
Hence, the actual people for whom the organizations are meant for are not interested in the labor unions that how the existence of these organizations could be justified. The twenty first century has brought new challenges for the people and organizations all over the world and just like all other sectors, the corporate sector is also in the phase of restructuring. There are some inevitable changes that must be adopted by the people associated with the corporate sector. The advancement in the technology paves many new ways for the companies. In order to conduct their operation the business owners now have many more options ad compared with the past. In the emerging situation the companies are able to perform a variety of their business activities with the help of the technological devices and as a result they don’t need that much human work force as they required in past. The introduction of advanced machinery and other advanced tool not only saves them time but also cost of production. In this context, the work force availability has become easy for the employers because more people look for jobs and the employers can pick from the interested candidates on their own terms and conditions (Goldfield, 92). The advancement in the technology has significantly contributed towards the diversion of the attention of the employees towards the other issues. At present, the employees of USA are more concerned towards getting high education and technology based knowledge and skills. The workers focus on these things so that they can keep them update with the advancements occurring around them and can acquire better working conditions through their performance and skills. This thought reflect ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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