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Human Resource Change - Research Paper Example

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This paper will speak abput Human Resource Change. In every human activity and similarly, in every business organization, change is the only thing that is constant, and thus, it enjoys its significant importance in every organization. Managers put efforts to ensure a positive change in their organization. …
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Human Resource Change
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Download file to see previous pages Historically, Jack Cohen (Tesco, 2011) was the person who founded Tesco in East London in late 1910s. From a small retail outlet in East London in the year 1919, Tesco has now approximately four thousand eight hundred locations around the world. In specific, Tesco (2011) began from selling grocery items; however, now involved in selling of consumer goods, as well as financial services globally. Initially, during its beginning, Tesco Tea was the only brand product that was available at Tesco (2011) in 1920s. By proving it as a leader, in the year 1979, Tesco (2011) was successful in reaching the annual sales of one billion pounds. However, within three years, the annual sales doubled indicating its success in the global retail market. On international level, Tesco (2011) enjoys the credit of becoming the first retailer to indicate nutritional values of its products. During 1990s, Tesco began its journey towards Asian countries, and it has been successful in Asian region until today. In the year 2000, Tesco (2011) launched its official website, and in the year 2007, Tesco (2011) was able to launch its first outlet in the USA. In this regard, from 1919 to 2011, Tesco (2011) has been successful in becoming a global retailer giant. Besides such achievements, Tesco (2011) has been offering a motivational workplace environment to its employees as well. According to its website (Tesco, 2011), the company offers a training and development opportunities to its workforce by allowing them to continue their education while working at the same time, which is an efficient way of the company to encourage its employees to develop themselves while putting efforts to...
This essay stresses that autonomy indicates the level of freedom that individuals get during their different tasks in the organizations in terms of their decision-making power. Lastly, the last trait refers to the extent to which managers give value to feedback of the employees in an organization. From recognition of these five core job traits, it is an understanding that the organization will be able to employ the most appropriate motivational strategy on the employees, and will be able to acquire most efficient outcomes. HR managers now face a greater responsibility of dealing with the employees according to their social and cultural values.
The paper included analysis on some of the major issues that HR managers at Tesco and several other organizations confront while dealing with their employees. Although Tesco has now become one of the leading organizations globally, however, still, its managers face several issues while bringing out change in their different procedures and processes. In specific, to ensure high-productivity and quality-performance employees, it is very important that managers should endeavor to understand the situation first and then put efforts in employing a motivational strategy. Although money plays an important role in motivating humans, however, several other factors are imperative in ensuring success in an organization. Finally, HR managers have the major responsibility to evaluate and decide about the tools and strategies that can result in the most efficient outcomes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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