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Does TV Increase Violence among Children and Teenagers - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The source discusses the different stereotypes and degrading images that are portrayed on television. Some of the media is said to have a harmful impact on children. The document discusses whether or not TV influences others or TV shows influence events that take place for reasons other than TV persuasion. …
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Does TV Increase Violence among Children and Teenagers
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Extract of sample "Does TV Increase Violence among Children and Teenagers"

Download file to see previous pages The document suggest that media companies take responsibilities of making sure the media does not get into the wrong hands of a child who should not be viewing the media. The document uses statistics strongly to prove that violence is not related to media such as violence on Television. The statistics show that as violence in media becomes more popular, homicide rates go down. Video Games are a big factor for the way violence is portrayed in media. The video game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is profiled in the document. The video game shows scenes of violence, sexuality, drug use and even racial comments. The document seems to argument strongly that violent media does not influence violent behavior in children and teen youth. There are mainly statistics that favor the chosen argument. The article stresses the need to protect children and teens from weapons and other violent objects. Many media sources claim to market their products to an age group that is appropriate for the game. The arguments presented in the document are by far favorable to the fact that violent media is not subject to children, but many can argue the fact.  Anonymous. "Is exposure to media violence a public-health risk?." Lancet 9619(2008):1137. eLibrary. Web. 17 Feb. 2011. This article focuses on the danger of violent images and games. Some games show constant violence. The violence shown is a harmful exposure to children and teens. Children and young teens can be traumatized by the images of killing and violence. It is obvious that the article is suggesting that there is some sort of a regulation put on the violence that is portrayed in the media. The need for a regulation is important to minimize the amount of violence young children see. The article focuses on the importance that the television and the internet can give educational material. Aside from being able to provide educational material, there are also dangerous exposures to violent images and events. The images that are able to be viewed on the internet can have devastating affects on a child. The focus on this is to explain how important it is to regulate what children and teens are able to view in the media. The exposure is not just a risk for children and teens. The general public is at risk for health issues from all of these violent images. The article is from the United Kingdom and often references the United States. This reference to the United States explains how the violence is highly publicized more than in other countries. The article is summed up by stating that there really is no way to place blame on a certain violent media. However, it is suggested that more studies need to be performed to link violent media with violent behavior. MICHAEL PAUL WILLIAMS. "DANGEROUS MESSAGES? MEDIA VIOLENCE ABOUNDS; SO DOES DEBATE ON ITS EFFECTS." Richmond Times-Dispatch. 13 Oct. 1994: A-1. eLibrary. Web. 17 Feb. 2011. The facts recognized in the document are quite alarming. Facts show that the average child may witness 8,000- 100,000 murders just from watching television. For many that amount is way too much and shows that there is a large need for change. These facts do not also factor in other media such as games and the internet. The harmful effects that these images have on children can change the way the children act dramatically. The debate also expresses the type of children that are likely going to be viewing the violent media. It is stated that children ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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