Jackie Robinson and Race in America: A Brief History with Documents - Book Report/Review Example

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The intention of this research "Jackie Robinson and Race in America: A Brief History with Documents" is to discuss the problem of racial discrimination on an example of Jackie Robinson. An author states that Jackie Robinson was the perfect candidate to integrate organized baseball…
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Jackie Robinson and Race in America: A Brief History with Documents
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Download file to see previous pages Racial tension within a team was eliminated by the manager of the team, Leo Durocher, who claimed that he did not care about a player`s color on the field as long as he could earn money for the team (Kirwin, 2005).
After reading all the documents I am persuaded that Jackie Robinson was the perfect candidate to integrate organized baseball. The first thing that draws attention is Robinson`s exceptional sense of justice. In the episode in the bus, described in Document 3, when Robinson was threatened by the bus diver because he was sitting near the white lady, Robinson shows himself as an honest and moral person. He does not even defend himself from being sure of his innocence but he aims for justice restoration. Robinson understands his unfavorable position as a black and is ready to accept some troubles for general case benefit. Later before acceptance to Major Baseball leagues, Robinson acknowledges his possible status of a single black player and subsequent difficulties connected to this status. The prospects of name-calling, bullying seem unpleasant to Robinson but he knows that he is capable not to lose the temper in such a situation:
This line characterizes Robinson perfectly: he is well-behaved and reserved, used to military discipline but it does not mean that he would accept unfair treatment and is not capable to protect himself. Moreover, it was admitted that Jackie had a very good sense of humor and was quite sociable that again proved that he took the right place and was the right man for this difficult role. In the extremely complicated situation described in Document 9, Robinson is confronted by the policeman who gets him off from the field very rudely. Robinson accepts this outrageous act and goes away voluntarily understanding that there is no logical possibility to solve this conflict peacefully (Zeiler, 2013).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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