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Machiavelli and Voltaire Meet for Lunch to Discuss War and Politics - Assignment Example

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This essay, Machiavelli and Voltaire Meet for Lunch to Discuss War and Politics, will consider which ideas were important to these two profound thinkers whose influence has extended beyond their own generation, topics they feel to be so important that they would be discussed when they met…
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Machiavelli and Voltaire Meet for Lunch to Discuss War and Politics
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Extract of sample "Machiavelli and Voltaire Meet for Lunch to Discuss War and Politics"

Download file to see previous pages They both, for instance, had problems with authority. Both outspoken men, this imaginary luncheon might not have gone well unless they could find common ground. It must be asked what language would they speak? Which wines would they prefer? What would the menu be? Both had traveled. Would Italian, French, German or even English food be on the menu? Where would they meet? Switzerland, always neutral, seems the ideal place, in distance, as well as being a place where both had traveled. Presumably one of them could suggest a good place to meet.
According to his biographer on Literature Network Machiavelli2 was born into an influential, but poor family in Florence. It is assumed by biographers3, but not proved, that he, attended the university in Florence. He certainly received a good education somewhere. In 1498 Florence became a republic and Machiavelli became a clerk in the republic’s service, quickly rising through the ranks. He would have been one of several intellectuals who considered historical and political problems in detail. Between 1498 and 1512 Machiavelli was entrusted with several missions on behalf of the Florentine republican state. While in France he was able to observe at first hand how a country was ruled by only one person., something at that time not happening in Florence.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Machiavelli and Voltaire Meet for Lunch to Discuss War and Politics Assignment - 1.
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