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Hitler, His Crimes And The People Who Were Next Him - Term Paper Example

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Traudl Junge is a symbol for the entire German nation as it experienced the rise and fall of the Nazism and Hitler. The paper "Hitler, His Crimes And The People Who Were Next Him" discusses the biography of Traudl Junge who was the secretary for Adolf Hitler during the last days of his empire…
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Hitler, His Crimes And The People Who Were Next Him
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Extract of sample "Hitler, His Crimes And The People Who Were Next Him"

Download file to see previous pages Hitler during that time orchestrated through his SS soldiers the “Final Solution” or genocide of six million Jewish people in the gas chambers. Traudl Junge says she was not aware of it at the time, but that she should have known. She says Hitler rarely spoke of the Jews. In some ways, people have accused her of lying – she was Hitler’s personal secretary and typed his last will and testament to the people before he committed suicide. How could she not have known of “the Final Solution”? In some ways, this is not credible, though it is also the claim of many German people at the time, that they simply did not know.
Traudl Junge says that she was intoxicated with Hitler, and was young at the time and did not pay so much attention to the politics. She was traveling with him as a regular basis and married to an SS guard under Hitler’s command. She was a Nazi in the sense that a woman could also be a Nazi at high levels of work. Even as a secretary, she had access to intimate documents even historians do not know. She may be hiding what she knows but no one can know her mind. What if she is telling the truth, and like many Germans, she simply did not understand all of Hitler’s philosophy, only that he was great, amazing, and fantastic as a dynamic speaker? She may have been like hypnotized or she may have been traumatized and shell-shocked. We can marvel most at Traudl Junge that she survived what she did, life in Hitler’s bunker and escape from it. She did not commit suicide, and like many Germans lived many years to reflect on the past.
Despite what we know of Traudl Junge as a Nazi, she comes to mind as a sympathetic figure of beauty and innocence. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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