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Why Was Napoleon Successful in His Bid to Dominate Europe - Article Example

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"Why Was Napoleon Successful in His Bid to Dominate Europe" paper argues that due to the genius of Napoleon and under his excellent leadership that the whole nation leaned about self-respecting first and they also realized that together they have to fight for their rights. …
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Why Was Napoleon Successful in His Bid to Dominate Europe
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Extract of sample "Why Was Napoleon Successful in His Bid to Dominate Europe"

Download file to see previous pages Napoleon’s strategic styles and unique approach of governance have been used in different ways by rulers across the world not only to keep the civilians of their respective nations under their control but at the same time, his strategic approaches proved to be sources of great inspiration for all those leaders who wished to receive an upper hand over the existing governing systems of other nations. It has always been a matter of great surprise for diplomats, politicians and strategy makers across the world to date that how within such a short period of time and at such a small age he has been able to receive such a huge rate of success. The same note of surprise and respect has explicitly been reflected Georges Lefebvre’s biographical writing over Napoleon as he states, “In his methods of government, Bonaparte had more in common with the Committee of Public Safety …. It was because he respected the social legislation of Constituent Assembly that he was able to remain the leader of France….his victories enabled French ideas to sweep over the Continent with a rapidity and efficacy which neither propaganda nor spontaneous diffusion could have equaled.”1 There are several historical references, which argue about shreds of evidence that Napoleon was a tyrannical figure and actually aimed at establishing the rule of terror in his reign.2 However, it is clear from the observation of Lefebvre that Napoleon actually never was a tyrant and he possessed all the elements of a great ruler. What actually differentiates Napoleon from any other tyrannical ruler is his sense of respect for this constituency, the existing system of governance and for the people. All of these were not avenues in his hands to prove his supremacy as a ruler but he actually wished to be ruler for the people and at the same time he wanted to establish the supremacy of his nation, not as an individual. These are certain qualities that differentiate him from a tyrant.   ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Why Was Napoleon Successful in His Bid to Dominate Europe Article.
(Why Was Napoleon Successful in His Bid to Dominate Europe Article)
Why Was Napoleon Successful in His Bid to Dominate Europe Article.
“Why Was Napoleon Successful in His Bid to Dominate Europe Article”.
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