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The United States of America is a Nation Born out of Several Historical Events - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The reporter underlines that cosmopolitanism has been the way of life and immigrant populations been the building blocks of this country which is pertinently referred to as the ‘melting pot’ and the ‘salad bowl’ of cultures…
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The United States of America is a Nation Born out of Several Historical Events
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Extract of sample "The United States of America is a Nation Born out of Several Historical Events"

Download file to see previous pages The terrorist attack on World Trade Centre was a turning point in America’s history, an experience which after all these years, the Americans have not come to terms to. The panic, hostilities and the fear psychosis linger, most prominently in the Government’s foreign policy decisions. One of the most remarkable observations made in this regard has been what Dan Tschirgi has written in his book, Turning Point: the Arab worlds marginalization and international security after 9/11. He has held that:
Tschirgi goes on to cite the words of George Bush who on the eve of the attack said, “America was targeted for attack because we’re the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world” and raises the question whether this was the only reason behind the attack ( 4). What this writer invites our attention is to the economic and social injustices in a global scenario which mobilize people into absolutist and violent action and the role the United States of America in precipitating at least some of their miseries (Tschirgi 7).
Tschirgi’s arguments weigh a lot while studying the emergence of neo-conservatism in the realm of US politics and social outlook. He strikes a chord when saying that after the collapse of USSR, the neo-conservatives in the US had explicitly outlined their vision of America as the one and only superpower in the world, quite publicly( Tschirgi 11). This view imparted considerable influence in American society also. Soon after, the ‘evil’ that used to be USSR was being replaced by Islam and the Muslim world in the minds of average Americans. The serious and dangerous problem with the popular American perspective links to this phenomenon of considering itself as a superpower rightfully in charge of the whole world. This preconception is what gets reflected in the responses to 9/11 also. To revert to the avowed values of equality, freedom, democracy and cosmopolitanism, Tschirgi argues, America needs to practice them not alone in its own society, but also in connection with the international society.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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