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Is Deterrence Still a Useful Concept - Coursework Example

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This essay analyzes that deterrence was a commonly used war strategy during the cold war, but the end of the war did not bring the use of such strategies to a close. The military-industrial complex has kept the economy of our unipolar world at a delicate equilibrium for years now…
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Is Deterrence Still a Useful Concept
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Download file to see previous pages Freedom to voice one's opinion or do as one pleases has led to widespread hopelessness in developing countries and blissful ignorance in developed nations.
Deterrence, as it suggests, refers to the intimidation of other parties through a show of superiority or by taking away of privileges. It is quite a common concept, with examples of it to be found throughout centuries of our world’s history. To make this concept easier, it can be explained as a parent taking away privileges if a child misbehaves; or a spouse threatening to deny their significant other of carnal rights if their needs are not met. On a more political front, for centuries, kings have been threatening to kill merchants and travelers from other lands unless they were promised a regular supply of taxes, food supplies, and estate. Even the church has used the deterrent, intimidating their followers into paying high taxes to skip the wrath the Almighty has in store for them.
A deterrent for nations can be in the form of sanctions, military threat or bans and treaties which negatively affect the economy of the country in question and are usually undergone to show political superiority, enmity or just to gain economic power.1 Deterrents might even harm both parties involved, but sometimes that is a risk a state is willing to take. During the cold war, the United States and most of the western world had sanctions on the USSR and countries that supported them and vice versa, hurting the world economy. However, the USSR was not just any country; it in itself was a power to contend with and had counter deterrents to threaten the US of A with.
The world that we live in today is a unipolar world, meaning that there is only one superpower calling the shots of the world’s economy, that being the United States, considering it represents twenty percent of the world’s consumer market. Therefore, a crash in their economy, as can be seen, these days adversely affects the economy of the globe. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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