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Correlation Between Paramount Decrees in 1948 and the Boom of Art Houses in 1950s - Research Paper Example

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This paper delineates the correlation between Paramount Decrees in 1948 and the boom of art-houses in the 1950s. In the early on, it describes the background of the art-houses, their emergence, their concepts, and their hold over a particular audience, which, eventually, led to a boom in the 1950s…
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Correlation Between Paramount Decrees in 1948 and the Boom of Art Houses in 1950s
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Extract of sample "Correlation Between Paramount Decrees in 1948 and the Boom of Art Houses in 1950s"

Download file to see previous pages The diversity of Hollywood cinema drastically decreased after the Paramount Decree, moving away from the low-budget films to fewer ones with high budgets. As a result, it is demonstrated further, that the audiences of these low-budget films left the Hollywood cinema, rather than transforming their tastes suddenly to art films. The main argument of this study states that the decline in the production of low-budget movies served as the main reason for the growth of art-houses in the 1950s.
The art film theatre phenomenon became commercially feasible in the late 1940s. Art houses featured overseas films, documentaries, self-regulating productions and classic re-releases, chiefly Hollywood. These theatres happened to be small, showed only single feature films, accommodated to mature audiences, and more likely, preferred selling coffee rather than popcorn and other eatables. Most of the main-stream movie theatres lacked at business compared to the Art houses which held films over for long runs comparatively. In addition, along with their entrance to major cities and college towns, the art theatres gained popularity and prevalence amongst masses throughout the 1950s. In accordance with Gomery views, the number of art theatres incremented from 250 to 1,500 between 1950 and 1952, though not all of them were showing art films exclusively (Gomery, 2002).
Studies revealed that the patrons of art houses were older, well-educated and more upscale in comparison to the majority of audiences (Dallas et al., 1953). They were ardent film-goers who efficaciously utilized other cultural products were more likely to be influenced by the reviews and word of mouth rather than any sort of publicizing or advertising. The supposed search for high-quality films was offered for a variety of motives for the art film-goers than those being made by mainstream Hollywood studios. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Correlation Between Paramount Decrees in 1948 and the Boom of Art Research Paper.
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