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John Ronald Reuel Tolkien and the Effect of World War I on the Creation of Middle Earth - Research Paper Example

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This paper, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien and the Effect of World War I on the Creation of Middle Earth, highlights that J. R. R. Tolkien’s epic adventure stories set within the idealistic geography of Middle Earth have been examined by critics and fans alike from a variety of viewpoints…
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John Ronald Reuel Tolkien and the Effect of World War I on the Creation of Middle Earth
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Extract of sample "John Ronald Reuel Tolkien and the Effect of World War I on the Creation of Middle Earth"

Download file to see previous pages Tolkien was writing a religious adventure, with parallels drawn between Tolkien’s Catholic faith and the biblical analogies made throughout the text. It has also been argued, as convincingly, that his goal was to bring attention to environmental concerns, illustrating the dichotomy between the nature-nurturing elves that remained a force of good and the nature-destroying and nature-altering evil of Sauron’s armies. Still, others have pointed to Tolkien’s wonderfully descriptive term ‘eucatastrophe’ as a means of both describing the ending of the tale as well as to highlight a theme that runs throughout the novel. Political concepts related to the novel have abounded, including everything from an examination of the relationship of steward/king to the kingdom and an analogy drawn between the events of the trilogy and the personalities of Joseph Stalin and the West. Perhaps one element of the stories that have not been so carefully analyzed is the effect that World War I and Tolkien’s involvement in it might have affected the way in which he told his story. To gain a greater appreciation for the unique effect the war had on Tolkien’s writing, it is necessary to understand more about the author himself and the war as it is generally understood before applying these concepts to his writing, particularly of his first book The Hobbit.
Born in British Africa in 1892, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, often called just Ronald, was the first son of English parents Mabel Suffield and Arthur Tolkien. His only brother, Hilary Arthur Reuel Tolkien, was born two years later and the family, except for Arthur, returned to England only one year after this as a result of the three-year-old J.R.R.’s poor health at that time. When his father died in Africa in 1896, the family moved in with Tolkien’s maternal grandparents in the English countryside at a place called Sarehole.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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