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Pictographic Writing Systems in China and Egypt - Assignment Example

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This assignment "Pictographic Writing Systems in China and Egypt" presents the history of the development of pictographic writing systems in ancient Egypt and China. The writer compares these systems with systems that are currently in use today to emphasize the role of the written word…
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Pictographic Writing Systems in China and Egypt
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Extract of sample "Pictographic Writing Systems in China and Egypt"

Download file to see previous pages The words of Socrates have worked to shape the educations of generations of students. However, there is a key ingredient necessary in all of these inventions, past deeds, and the thoughts of men who lived centuries ago. That key ingredient is the use of writing in developing their ideas and transferring them to successive generations.
Writing is one of the most important inventions mankind has devised throughout history as, without it, history isn’t possible. Oral traditions have long been lauded as having a certain significance in carrying forward the ideologies of a given group of people, but, as can be simply proven among even small groups, oral history is not intended to be nor can it be entirely accurate. The story changes with the teller and the facts become blurred with myth. Also, it can only be preserved for as long as there are people around interested in learning the stories and lore enough to be able to pass it down to the next generation, and the next generation interested in sitting around to hear it. The concept of the written word offers a similar mixture of truth and lies, but introduces the opportunity for widespread propaganda within the present society as well as future generations even as it offers a means of preserving fundamental truth.
Yet the written word has restrictions of its own, including the form in which the meaning is presented – alphabetically or pictorially – as well as the ability of future generations to decipher this code into meaningful sound. For many in the modern age of word processors and text editors, it is not often thought about how we make this transition from internal thought or spoken word to a pictographic form that represents meaning for those who can decipher it. Regardless of the system used, the alphabet or cuneiform, the picture has developed a sense all its own, communicating without intervention from one individual to another thousands of miles away or centuries apart in the span of time. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Pictographic Writing Systems in China and Egypt Assignment.
(Pictographic Writing Systems in China and Egypt Assignment)
Pictographic Writing Systems in China and Egypt Assignment.
“Pictographic Writing Systems in China and Egypt Assignment”.
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