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Modern China - Essay Example

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The writer of the essay "Modern China" analyzes the state of affairs the state of affairs in China and its position facing international challenges. The international challenges facing China’s position can be assessed using both internal and external factors…
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Modern China
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"Modern China"

Download file to see previous pages When Europeans and Americans started to recognize the Chinese people, the traditional intellectual Chinese started to take part in the political and economic systems of China. The most significant evidence was that Sun Yat-sen overthrew the Qing rule and established the Republic of China. 2.What are your ideologies? Why are they suitable for 1905s China and better than your rivals? My ideologies are about reforms. Being a reformer in Chinas 1905s during the Qing dynasty would mean overcoming the bureaucratic structures of the government. As a reformer, I would recommend and implement various reforms in the military, administrative, and fiscal systems to eliminate bureaucracies and encourage coordination and representation in all decision-making activities of the government. Like in the Boxer Protocol, reforms would include improvement in the tax systems, subsidies, and benefits offered by the government. The tax reforms would include enforcement and collection of land taxes to reduce inefficiencies and conflicts in the lenient approach of landowning. The revenue received from taxation would be used to improve various sectors of the economy including irrigation, roads, schools, and charities and benefits to needy members of the society such as old people and people living with disabilities. There should also be reforms in the electoral system in which the people would have more power and independence to choose their leaders. The reforms also involved changes in the legal code and abolition of the examination system. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Modern China Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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Art of Modern China something radical and fresh, and artists were very quick to realise that their craft could help carry new ideas into Chinese society. Education was embraced as the key to faster industrialization and the acquisition of modern technologies but China was far behind in the race for modernization. A resounding defeat in war with Japan reinforced the notion that the old ways needed to reform, the way was open for more scholars to travel abroad. It was this encounter with different social and ideological structures that provided the impetus for a new merging of art and politics. By the time the empire had finally folded, in 1912, Chinese artists were already bringing in ideas from Europe...
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The gender class between the past and modern China
...   Topic:   The gender between the past and modern China It has been d that women have consistently had a hierarchical status lower than that of Chinese men. Traditionally, Chinese men used to enforce women to stay at home and obey all their instructions. The women in China were not allowed to leave their homes without the permission of their spouse or other male family members. They were not even given freedom and had to do what was asked of them. Especially those people who were religious and political, tried to manipulate the status of women by granting them lesser freedom and opportunities for growth. In today`s world, Chinese women are given greater freedom and opportunities. They...
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Cultural diversity in Modern China
... Cultural Diversity in Modern China China's desire for increased global presence has exposed itself to a variety of dynamic issues that its traditional and restrictive government must evaluate and handle. This can be explored through a variety of cultural instances such as the Olympics, the Tibet movement and the effort to reduce the number of rural peasants in metropolitan cities. The Chinese people have been under oppression from the communist government which objects to any sign of change harshly. This is because China is ruled by a communist government, which sees any introduction of new economic, political, and cultural practices as an assimilation of capitalism which the government is very against (Tienery 23). Communism... is a...
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Politics of Northeast Asian Countries : Modern China era since 1800
...Politics of Northeast Asian Countries: Modern China era since 1800 The Chinese people have proved to be the true successors of the great Confucius civilization. There was a time when China was in deep slumber and languor. Chinese started to reform themselves in each and every aspect of life and the world saw political reforms, economic reforms, reforms in civil and social services (Wong and Zhiyue, 58). The economic reforms are the most important and key aspect of the Chinese overall performance. Being the fifth largest population of the world, the Chinese changed their economic uphold and on the same time they performed optimally to inculcate this shift. As a result, there was a plummet...
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Modern China
...MODERN CHINA Communist China today regards Mao Zedong as someone equivalent to what Lenin was to the Soviet Union. But, within china there have been numerous differences over Mao's services to the nation & his aftermath effects to the modern Chinese society. A section of the Chinese society is of the opinion that Mao was a symbol of security & confidence & attributes him as the pillar of China's economic success. Many such as Zhang Shandi maintain that he was responsible for laying the foundation for economic reform & development. Many are also of the opinion that the quality & sincerity of the leaders has degenerated since his death &...
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Modern China
...IS IDEOLOGY DEAD IN CHINA? An ancient civilization and an emerging economic powerhouse in the heart of Asia, China is quickly developing one of the strongest economies in the world. Chinese products can be found all over the world from Athens to Zurich and since its cautious embrace of a more market-oriented capitalist outlook, the modern People’s Republic of China has exhibited phenomenal economic growth. China today represents a new form of economic development and this country has witnessed sustained financial growth while resisting pressures to democratize and has continued to develop inline with Maoist socialist thought. Oftentimes, the economic model of development propagated by China today is described as “authoritarian... ...
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Art of Modern China
...Art of Modern China China occupies a center stage in the 21st century international art world. As the country evolves, so too does it’s sculpture, architecture, and art. The country art is a reflection of a significant achievement of the globe’s oldest, living civilization. As the country becomes more modernized, its paintings, sculptures and architecture show the country’s economic and social progression. Chinese modern art is a representation of traditions and innovations (Ward). It combines both foreign and native ideas, with worldly and spiritual images. Modern art in china is a reflection of the western cultural...
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Commercialized Buddhism in modern China
...June 9, Commercialized Buddhism in Modern China: Business Management of Shaolin Temples Through the assimilation of local cults in the past to the commercialization of Shaolin Temple and other similar temples in present times, Buddhism shows its success through continued evolution that enabled its lasting relevance to past and modern believers and audiences. As mentioned, to increase followers during Buddhism’s earlier years, its general process of development in India and Tibet was through acculturation that included two-way assimilation between Buddhism and local Indian and Tibetan cults (Rambelli 43). Acculturation continues up to modern times, as Buddhism...
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Modern China
...traditions have been greatly rejected by the Chinese. Instead, they are turning to modern life by abandoning indigenous ways of dressing and practices for the modern way of life. This paper will try to describe the meaning of a nation according to empires, outline the revolution of making a new citizen in China, implications of the same, the techniques used as well as participants of the revolution process. The nation of China was long time ago composed of small communities until when transformation took place over the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The kind of leadership that was in place was quite different to the current one since centralization was in practice...
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The Liberation Of Women's Bodies In Modern China
...The Liberation Of Women's Bodies In Modern China Introduction Foot binding was a practice that existed for more than thousand years in China to ensure the beauty of the young women until it was outlawed in 1912. The tiny, curved feet were once considered the ultimate standard of feminine beauty in China and therefore about 3 billion Chinese women practiced foot binding. Foot binding has often been identified as extremely painful and a long process which makes the women undergoes severe pain all through their life. It causes deformity and is often viewed as a cruel practice of mutilating young women’s feet. Once it was the symbol of wealth and marriage eligibility as...
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