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Downfall - Movie Review Example

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The paper "Downfall" is the review on the film "Downfall" that is a 2004 German war film whose director is Oliver Hirschbiegel. The movie is giving an account of the last ten days of Adolf Hitler’s life and his leadership in Germany in the year 1945…
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Download file to see previous pages Traudi Junge, who is Hitler’s personal secretary and an individual who is not political, gives an account of the activities that take place in two weeks that begin on twentieth April 1945 that is also Adolf Hitler’s birthday. Traudi and a lot of other Nazi party leaders spend these two weeks in a bunker that belongs to the Fuhrer as they seek safety from the ongoing attack by the Russian troops who are getting further into Berlin. By the looks of how the Russian troops are getting further into Berlin, it is almost guaranteed that the Russians will win this war and be in control of Berlin as Germany loses the war. As this goes on, Hitler together with his army is contemplating on which course of action to take. While Hitler struggles with this decision, many are giving him the option of leaving Berlin or surrendering to the Russian troops, an action that apparently is going to save the lives of the large population of Germans who are civilians. Despite these calls by those around him, Hitler announces that Germany is going to be victorious and instructs all his advisers and the generals in his military to fight the Russians troops to death. The movie gives an account of the last days of Berlin, in which senior leaders in German including Goring and Himmler start to defect from their leader as they try to spare their lives. On the other hand, a leader like Joseph Goebbels gives a pledge to die fighting together with Hitler (Smith, 2010). Hitler takes his stand and does what he thinks stands for the political ideas. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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