The Most Surprising Thing Learned About the Origins and Background to Rock And Roll - Assignment Example

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There are some of the surprising facts that could be related to the origin and background of Rock and Roll. Rock and Roll originated from the early 1950s or late 1940s in the United States and emerged to be a popular genre of music. …
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The Most Surprising Thing Learned About the Origins and Background to Rock And Roll
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"The Most Surprising Thing Learned About the Origins and Background to Rock And Roll"

It was learned that the Black singers and musicians of the US have introduced this form of music, which is also known as Rhythm and Blues. During the year of its origin, it was also known as African-American music as it originated from the Black singers of the nation. It is also arguable that there is presence of similar form of music during 1920s, when the song “My Man Rocks Me” was recorded. This song is arguably also considered as Rock and Roll. Arguably, the recorded song “Shake That Thing” in 1925 was also considered as of similar music form. However, it was the “Rock Around the Clock” that has gained nationwide popularity in the US. It was also learned from the Rock and Roll songs in the 1950s that it was mostly composed for adolescents. The lyrics of the songs mostly constitutes of the various teenage issues including love and betrayal. It was also learned by observing various songs that the instruments mainly includes the guitar, drums, bass, and saxophone among others. It was also learned by observing various videos and photographs of the musicians that they mostly wear dark colored apparels, especially black and have long hairs. It is also notable that during 1960s folk songs have merged with it. Apart from these, it is also learned that during 1960s drug and alcohol composition even evolved to be an integral part of this form of music. Read More
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The Most Surprising Thing Learned About the Origins and Background to Assignment.
“The Most Surprising Thing Learned About the Origins and Background to Assignment”, n.d.
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