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Challenges expected and Most Surprising things in The Martian - Essay Example

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Most work in the novel is concerned to views of Mark Watney as an American astronaut, who was left dead accidently on the Martian surface. …
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Challenges expected and Most Surprising things in The Martian
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Extract of sample "Challenges expected and Most Surprising things in The Martian"

Download file to see previous pages In the novel, Weir did not depict the details of futuristic equipment that astronauts take with them on Mars. There is no absolute idea that surprises the readers. However, Mark is the last person left in chain of command who is most qualified person. Challenge is not in the strands of protagonist standing on the Mars; challenge is to make the strands more exciting and funny to read it (Scalzi).
Death is expected after the departure, Red Mars and reading the back cover of book The Martin. The Martian novel sounds in parts as like the movie Armageddon. John McLane has scarified himself to ensure that asteroid does not like to turn the Earth into trivial putty; where every thing has broken down at the rate of one Gogol in a femtosecond. Nobody dies instead of it counting the potatoes and bacteria.
Thanks to Jackie, who was a wonderful lady as she said “never leave me for anything ever”? Character of Mark Watney is more than I dream off for ever. Removing the vulgarity from it makes the ‘The Martian’ book better reading than any other books that reveals the living on the Mars under the non-ideal circumstances.
I cannot have many expectations from reading of The Martian, because of my little interest in the space. Plot of the novel is sounded very similar like other space movies and novels, which have come out. Therefore, no difference is expected by reading it to other space narrations. It is much glad to say that one is pleasantly surprised and find difficulty in leaving the book on table. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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