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Individuals (mythical, fictional, or legendary): The Wife of Bath in Chaucer's - Research Paper Example

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The story describes the nature of the society and the situation of men and women at the time. During this time, education for women was limited, and their…
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Individuals (mythical, fictional, or legendary): The Wife of Bath in Chaucers
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"Individuals (mythical, fictional, or legendary): The Wife of Bath in Chaucer's"

Download file to see previous pages The wife of birth was in existence during the middle age in the medieval period. During this time, women were allowed to attend schools only to learn basic issues and not to pursue careers in colleges like their husbands. Colleges were therefore seen as privileges and a waste of resources in light of women (Chaucer, 2012).
The wife of the bath was a rebel who found it challenging to follow the authority of the land. On the other hand, she prefers to follow her life experiences rather than the laws and the authority. One of the most interesting issues about the woman is that she had the chance to get married to five men in her lifetime. In this light, she feels that she has the greatest experience to deal with marriage issues and also offer advice to people about marriage and relationships. The wife of bath was well known for enjoying sexual relationships and ensuring that her husbands were pleased and made to enjoy their lives (Minnis, 2013). Regardless of her marriage to five different men in her lifetime, she is not ashamed of the effect that it has on the society. She is happy to be the center of discussion in the society, and her behavior does not worry her at all. Moreover, her reference to the Bible in her support is seen as one of the greatest challenges she had offered to the society. To her, God should not even condemn her for marrying multiple men. Also, she does not hold the same view as the Bible that virginity is one of the greatest virtues that a woman can possess (Clarke, 2014).
The wife of bath got into relationships on the basis of appearance and not affection. The mere attraction to a man was enough to have her marry that man. She was also not selective about the age of the men that she was involved with. One of her renowned behaviors was nagging her husbands. She believed that nagging the men at this time was the only way that she could get all that she needed. In her relationship with her fifth husband, she was often beaten and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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