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Analytical Review for Demos, John, A little Commonwealth: Family Life in Plymouth Colony - Book Report/Review Example

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It can be termed as a groundbreaking study that examines the family in the colony context. It was founded by the founded by the pilgrims who came on Mayflower. Demos based his work on wills,…
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Analytical Book Review for Demos, John, A little Commonwealth: Family Life in Plymouth Colony
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"Analytical Review for Demos, John, A little Commonwealth: Family Life in Plymouth Colony"

Download file to see previous pages The book’s insight that can be termed as startling came from a reconsideration of the views of the America Puritans as well as of the ways they were dealing with one another. According to Demos, the Puritan repression was directed strongly against the expression of aggressive and hostile impulses more that it was against sexuality. He also revealed the repression reflected the modes of child-rearing and family life. The book can be termed as an in-depth study of a colonial community’s ordinary life that is located in a broad environment of the seventeenth-century America (Demos, 1999). The book “A little Commonwealth: Family Life in Plymouth Colony” revolves around the family citing its importance in the society as the document expounds.
Demos structured the book “A Commonwealth” to become a micro-history of the family life in the seventeenth century Plymouth Colony. The book was literary attempting to unearth the vignettes of the typical families in the seminal colonial settlement. The book’s title can be referred from William Gouge’s quote whose argument was that an ideal family is a little commonwealth and a little church (Heimert & Delbanco, 1985). This implies that all the potential leaders of the community hone their skills in the family. In other words, the society is shaped by the family. A good leader or a bad leader will be determined by the nature of their family where they have originated.
Demos have used the family as a little commonwealth as a metaphor arguing that a family is a miniature model of the Plymouth’s larger society as well as a basic unit of the pilgrim society. The Plymouth family acted as a church by the fact that parents provided the basic teachings of morality in their homes. Meditation and daily prayers were a crucial complement of the family to the church (Ryan, 1983). The book also indicated that the Plymouth family played a role of correction and hence can ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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