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Who was the greatest giant in United States in the end of 20 century - Essay Example

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The former was a war hero while the latter was a professor who butted heads during the1912 presidential election. Both presidents were progressive. Wilson is…
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Who was the greatest giant in United States in the end of 20 century
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"Who was the greatest giant in United States in the end of 20 century"

Download file to see previous pages The movement was mainly concerned about a core economic and social reforms which gained popularity under these two gentlemen. Both Wilson and Roosevelt however espoused two unique approaches of the progressive reforms. Despite their different approaches, each of the leaders was able to convince the congress to pass relevant legislation. They both believed in a progressive vision and dream of the United States of America. The discussion in this essay will compare the presidency of the two gentlemen with regards to different policies they formulated and followed. (Blum, 1980 p.76)
In one of the most unique but special similarities, both presidents had similar commitments on social reform. Roosevelt, during his presidency convinced the congress to pass legislation that established the National Park Service. The president pushed for the park service because he wanted to presence the natural wonder and open places as the birth right of all the American citizens. The report by the Heritage foundation indicates that Wilson on the other hand focused on the institutionalizing of the educational reforms for the same purpose as Roosevelt. Wilson believed that education was a right for all Americans. He held that every citizen had the right to get high quality education. He used the government resources and powers to ensure that all Americans accessed quality education. He envisioned that the future of America was anchored on the great talent of her people that can only be exploited through clear education. (Wilson, 1926 p.89)
Roosevelt in an attempt to ensure that big corporations understood the necessity of understanding government regulations instituted different anti-trust cases. The intention was to prove what the government could do if businesses refused or failed to abide by its regulations. He opted to prove the powers of the federal government by raising a suit against the J.P. Morgan. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Who Was the Greatest Giant in United States in the End of 20 Century Essay.
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