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It is one of the biggest cities in Swiss with a large number of people from the different cultural background. A study by Breiding reveals that Basel location is significant because the residences can conduct business…
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Download file to see previous pages Basel is unique and the greatest cities in Europe because of its exclusive culture and geographical location making it different from German and France cities (Bouvier, Craig, and Gossman 66).
Humanism has to do with what someone believes in, for example, if a person is a Christian, his or her moral values are defined by Christianity. Reformation took place in Basel after an iconoclastic riot. The riot took place on the eve of Ash Wednesday 1529 though the transition of Basel was less violent. It all began with the need for balance between Catholics and evangelicals in 1520s. However, in 1529, it emerged that a significant percentage of Baslers were Evangelical, and so this was the beginning of iconoclastic riot (Grace).
Basel City was a destination for refugees and immigrants from Northern Italy and France. The immigrants were traders and operators of business related activities such as dyeing, spinning, and weaving. Employment was high due to the growth of the mentioned business activities. The developers of the said businesses employed workers within the city. As such, this saw the development of Basel city in 16th century. On the other hand, Mayor Wettstein played an important role in the neutrality of the Swiss neutrality. The Mayor saw the need for negotiation with the German Empire during the Swiss Confederation in 1948. He successfully agreed with the Germans to recognize Swiss as a sovereign state.
Bitterness arose among the country people of the region of Basel and the citizens. Their differences led to war between the peasants and the townsmen in Liesthal. As a result of the fight, the canton was divided based on the Act passed by the Helvetic Confederation. The results of the division were Basel town and Basel-Country.
Yes, there was close collaboration between Piano and Beyeler. It is their close relationship that led to the design of the most famous museums in the world ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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