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At that time, Zwingli was the leader and the year 1519 saw his efforts give the city immense European significance. The authorities of the city were in agreement with the concepts of Reformation that ended ended in a religious-civil war. …
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Zurich Quiz
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"Zurich Quiz"

Zurich Quiz

Zwingli was a prominent leader in Zurich and was at the helm of Reformation in Switzerland. He also produced volumes of brilliant theology and was once a pastor of Grossmunster. Craig criticizes Zwingli for his acceptance of the judicial law and disregarding human traditions. The church had spiritual jurisdiction over the citizens and offenses against the church were also against the state.
Zurich had a reputation of being orderly that was achieved through the strict Christian and civil laws. Its inhabitants were well-behaved and crimes were rare. The level of poverty was also declining compared to other towns around. Its lack of emphasis on economic expansion reduced fierce competition that would have brought traders to the streets (Bouvier et al. 46).
He was an educationist, cultural critic, and an English poet. He worked as an inspector of schools. His poetry was sentimental because of the melancholy tone and cynical tone (“Arnold”). He reported that schools needed government funding and setting of standards for evaluation of teacher education. He also called for liberal education that would embrace everyone (Ray).
Gottfried was German literature write and a Swiss poet. He is best remembered for the novel Green Henry (“All-poetry”). He said that Seldwyla is a true reflection of Switzerland. It depicts the emotions, tragedies, and customs typical of the Swiss life. He thought that the perceived neutrality of Swiss was not genuine. Comparing Swiss cleanliness with Auschwitz concentration camp gives unbelievable innocence. Read More
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Zurich Quiz Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Zurich Quiz Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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