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Timeline of Historical Events, Movements or Individuals (History of the USA to 1865) - Research Paper Example

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The Virginia House of Burgesses marks its historic importance on account of fact that it was the first ever representative body that was formulated ever in the history of North American continent. It set the precedence for future legislative structure based machinery within the…
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Timeline of Historical Events, Movements or Individuals (History of the USA to 1865)
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"Timeline of Historical Events, Movements or Individuals (History of the USA to 1865)"

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Thomas Jefferson is included among the list of Presidents of United States of America who played a vital role towards the constitution formation and obtaining the declaration of independence of United States of America. He was born in 1743 and he was an integral part of the American Revolution and overall process. Also he due to his innumerable achievements and contributions is listed among the few who are called the founding fathers of United States of America. He also remained the Secretary of State and further, remained the United States Minister to France. His other contributions in the professional capacity include his standing and duty performance as the Governor of Virginia. He remained the Vice President as well.
A decade long war that started in 1753 and lasted till 1764. It is important in the history of American nation on number of accounts. Firstly, it served as the foundation step towards the internal resentment against the English, secondly it was fought in the form of a proxy war between the English and the French who had their influence and presence in the region. Third was the fact that it set the grounds for the later on Seven Years War which was to be fought directly between the Great Britain and France. The warring territories engaged in this battle were Nova Scotia and parts of Virginia in the modern day United States. The final outcome came about in the form of victory towards the English.
The first Continental Congress proceedings lasted between September and October of 1774. It was important on number of grounds. The first was the fact that nearly all the states sent over their representatives for the grand gathering with the mere exception of Georgia. The event was held in Philadelphia. It was significant on the account of fact that a platform was made where it was established that this platform would make efforts to overcome the obstacles ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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