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The people, who had no knowledge of him in person, saw him only to consider him a visionary. Those who knew him, even without having hurt by his rebukes, had winced under…
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Download file to see previous pages dy the trial’s circumstances as well as look into the circumstances that resulted to his accuser seek his death as well as the Athens’ people to agree in it.
As far as this accusation goes, the scenario is not that different from the religion of St. Theodore of Sykeon. Theodore is sick and this could be a likened to Socrates’ being in court. Just as judges were there to look into the accusations against Socrates, in the cases of the saint there is God as well as the angles who come as doctors. Upon being asked why he is weeping, the saint answers that it is because he is unrepentant (The Life of St. Theodore of Sykeon ,1.2). This represents the accusations against Socrates.
One of the major accusations against Socrates was denying gods that the state recognized as well as introducing to the state strange religions instead of such Gods. In the case of St, Theodore, earthly spirits that torment people can be seen. It the saint who continues to do miracles that does away with weaknesses as well as sicknesses. The spirits, weaknesses, as well as these spirits represent earthly gods that the state believes in, in the Socrates’ scenario.
Theodore explains that something else that makes him cry is the young believers who need a shepherd. He is afraid that he will die and leave them without one. This is quite common the second accusation directed towards Socrates. That he turned away young people from their parents to serve the new religion he introduced. They accusers called it corrupting the young people. Socrates had associates whom he taught to despise State laws, amongst them, election through lots. Theodore has followers too: those who liked his works left their homes and came to be with him as well as change their lives to conform his teachings. Some of those healed by him as well opted to live by his side as well (The Life of St. Theodore of Sykeon, 2.2).
Socrates during his presentation for his apology, his first words were that he was not sure if the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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TEXT ANALYSIS ASSIGNMENT Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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