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Biography review for Japanese history class - Book Report/Review Example

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This book, Made in Japan: Akio Morita and Sony is an autobiography of Akio Morita, who is one among the founders and the former chairman of the company Sony Corporation. The author of the book is Akio Morita, and he got assistance from Edwin M. Reingold and Mitsuko Shimomura…
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Biography book review for Japanese history class
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Download file to see previous pages Akio Morita, a successful Japanese businessman, was born on January 26, 1921 and died on October 3, 1999. He was the first son among four siblings and a fifteenth generation heir to a sake-brewing family in Nagoya, Aichi Japan. Morita developed an interest in electronics and sound production while still a child due to her mom’s love for classical music. He loved to experiment with wire recorders to record his voice. He was so interested in wireless and electronics experiments that he built his radio while growing up. Morita pursued his interest in science when he went for higher education at the Osaka Imperial University, where he was in the lab of Professor T. Asada. Professor Asada was as an expert in modern & applied physics (Morita, 1986 p. 10). On completion of his degree in 1944, Morita assisted his professor in research for the Imperial Japanese Navy. Morita was a lieutenant that worked at the Japan Navy as a technical officer. He supervised a special group of people comprising teams of scientists and engineers at the Aviation Technology Center. Morita, together with the group was trying to make the thermal guidance weapons perfect and also the night-vision gun sights. Morita met Masaru Ibuka while still working with the Japan Navy. Ibuka was an electronics engineer, who was 13 years his senior. The two of them instantly became close friends and were the founders of the Sony Corporation.
The United States dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 and subsequently bombed Nagoya. The bombs destroyed the industrial cities of Japan, and they were wastelands. Morita had a feeling that they had already lost the war, but was not sure how it would end. He thought he had to play a major role in the reconstruction of the Industry city of Nagoya that is in his home area. Morita was then called by his physics teacher to go teach at Tokyo Institute of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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