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Jackson and The Cherokee ( The Trail of Tears ) - Essay Example

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My society has gone through all forms of mistreatment in the hands of the white man. When the ancestors of the people of the United States visited our land, they met the red man who though…
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Jackson and The Cherokee ( The Trail of Tears )
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"Jackson and The Cherokee ( The Trail of Tears )"

Download file to see previous pages His tribe is almost becoming extinct (Cherokee, para 2).
The state of Georgia, our neighbors, is forcing us to relinquish our possessions for their benefit. It is unfortunate that also the President of the United States has failed to come to our aid, and has instead ruled in favor of the Georgians. We are left wondering what other rights do we enjoy if we cannot allowed to enjoy living peacefully on our God-given land, the land we inherited from our forefathers (Cherokee, para 4).
The Cherokees have always fulfilled their engagements with the United States and have never reclaimed the portions of sovereignty which was surrendered by the treaties of Hopewell and Holston. Our people have always trusted their country to the guaranty of the United States. If this guaranty fails, we do not have anybody to trust, and we do not even know where to look for protection (Cherokee, para 6)
Out of these atrocities and insecurity, we are pleading to the General Government to offer us new homes, and should also propose to pay the whole expense of the removal and settlement. We hope our pleas will be acted ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Jackson and The Cherokee ( The Trail of Tears ) Essay)
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...on the move, and many of them lost their loved ones. Slaves who were mainly African-Americans were also not spared in the unfortunate situation that resulted from the events leading to the Trail of Tears. The events leading up to the trail of tears The forced removal of the Cherokee materialized after the passing of the Indian Removal Act in 1830. However, there are several things that motivated the US Congress to pass the Act. The sequence of these events can be traced from 1814 to the 1830s, although some of them overlap. Between 1814 and 1824, Andrew Jackson became useful in negotiating 9 out of 11 treaties whose intentions were to...
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Cherokee removal Indian Territory. Almost one third population of Cherokee nation was died during this process due to which this incident is also referred as Trail of Tears in the history of United States. The efforts of Indian removal were backed by the thought that the Native Americans including Cherokees settled in Georgia and other south states are barrier in the way of progress of the nation and it is imperative to remove these people from these lands to carry on the process of development and progression. The government of U.S negotiated with some tribes and convinced them to leave their lands and move towards the other territory however, the Cherokee nation...
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.... This Act sought to create a “white only” America therefore many tribes, predominantly the Cherokee Nation, were forced to leave familiar ancestral lands. The thousand mile journey out of Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Seminole and Muscogee lands in the eastern U.S. to present day Oklahoma during the 1830’s is known as the Trail of Tears. This shameful episode in American history is one of the best known and worst examples of how the natives suffered at the hands of the government. It is difficult to visualize the government confiscating a person’s home due their ethnicity alone and forcing them, their family, friends, relatives and neighbors to walk hundreds of miles...
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...Trail of Tears One need not be a history buff to understand this piece. Dee Brown compassionately tells us with grisly detail the sufferings of disenfranchised Indians who were forced to abandon their homes at the hands of white men. In this manipulative game of politics and elections Brown convincing demonstrates that the Indians did not leave. Rather they were displaced by Jackson's enforcers. The Cherokee were brutally forced to walk on foot or rode their horses. Their journey started from the mouth of the Hiawassee in Tennessee across the Cumberland Plateau to McMinnville and then north to Nashville where they crossed the Cumberland River. Their journey did not...
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The Trail of Tears
...) which ruled that the Cherokee was a sovereign nation and could not legally be forced to relocate. Jackson defied this ruling saying that “Well, (Chief Justice) John Marshall has made his decision. Now let him enforce it” (“Effective Resignation”, 1956). The State of Georgia also chose to ignore the Court’s ruling. The Cherokees fought removal through the legal system but the President, who is constitutionally bound to enforce the rule of law, instead defied it and in 1938 sent General Winfield Scott to occupy Cherokee lands and begin the forced evacuation to the west. This illegal, immoral act initiated what became known as the Trail of...
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...and Section The Trail of Tears As free citizens of the Cherokee nation, we appeal to the law-abiding citizenry of the United States of America to see that justice is done regarding our legal right to remain in our country and ancestral lands which have been in our possession, and that of our forefathers, for many generations. Three years ago, in 1833, an illegitimate treaty was signed which agreed to our removal as a people from our lands. The signers of the so-called Treaty of New Echota (“Removal Act “) were not legal representatives of the Cherokee nation and therefore the treaty should have been declared null and void. Over 15,000 of our members, led by Chief John...
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... The Trail of Tear- Removal of the Cherokee Name: Institution’s name Informative Speech Preparation Outline Trail of Tears- Removal of the Cherokee General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose Statement: To inform the audience about the Removal of the Cherokees through the tale of Trail of Tears Central Idea: The Native Americans, considered uncivilized and unfit for a “white” America were...
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...Jackson and the Cherokee Prior to the Treaty of New Echota, Cherokee land was in northwestern parts of Georgia amongother territories in the northern boundaries including parts of Tennessee. The formulation and the subsequent implementation of the Indian Removal Act of 1830 was the culmination of a series of cultural conflicts between the indigenous American population and the white settlers. The American land was vast, underexploited yet bestowed with various resources. The Cherokee among other native communities had mundane cultural and economic activities, which included hunting and gathering. The white settlers thus sought to introduce a civilized system of...
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