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How did the events and ideas in your primary source reading reflect broader changes in American history for this period - Essay Example

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Following World War I, African-American soldiers who participated in the war returned home to a serious condition of increased discrimination,…
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How did the events and ideas in your primary source reading reflect broader changes in American history for this period
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"How did the events and ideas in your primary source reading reflect broader changes in American history for this period"

Download file to see previous pages African Americans wanted to become autonomous. This autonomy would be achieved if an Africa free of White domination was achieved. Africans had to be liberated from colonization. This notion was demonstrated in the speech of Marcus Garvey in the Second International Convention of Negroes held at Liberty Hall, New York (Garvey, 1921). The speech centrally suggested that Africans should fight for freedom even if it will cost their lives. This reflects the broader changes in American History because African Americans were becoming disillusioned due to segregation, racial discrimination and racial violence; and they were ready to fight for their liberty.
In the early 20th century, there was a general wave of calls for the liberty of African Americans that led to the formation of Universal Negro Improvement Association and the African Communities League. The founder of the association was Marcus Garvey. It was based on the belief of respect of human rights and supremacy of God almighty. At the period when the organisation was formed, African Americans were suffering from the injustice committed by the Whites. In Africa, African states were colonized. Europeans had sliced their land and divided among themselves (Fredrickson, 1995). Africans were forced to surrender their wealth to aliens, and to make things worse, they were forced to work for the Whites in the same lands that belonged to them before they were taken away.
In United States, African Americans were still enslaved, segregated and discriminated. In United States, like in Africa, Black people were not accorded equal treatment with whites. They were not allowed in hotels and inns in the same extent as their white counterparts (Fredrickson, 1995). As a result of this, African Americans were determined to fight for their liberty. Southern parts of USA experienced high levels of African-American segregations in public places. The Jim Crow compelled ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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