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US Colonial North American from 1607-1865 - Research Paper Example

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The people of Henrico County have spoken by electing me to represent their view at the House of Burgesses where I promise to serve the people by protecting their…
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US Colonial North American from 1607-1865
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"US Colonial North American from 1607-1865"

Download file to see previous pages I oppose his idea of containment. We have seen how the governor implements his ideas. He looks for opportunities such as this to increase taxes and exploit the business community (Billings 90). I oppose that and call for the elimination of Indians. Containment is Governor Berkeley’s avenue to raise taxes. Furthermore, the idea is not viable. Instead, the governor should find a long-lasting solution to the Indian menace.
The governor has constantly called for containment, a policy that will result in the creation of fortified defensive systems. The idea is to arm the whites and make them ready for any attack. In case of such attacks, the whites with their weapons will come out and kill the Indians. This proves that we are talking about the same thing, extermination of the Indians. That remains the surest way of dealing with the Indian menace; the natives have systematically raided white homes and killed the people I represent. While we both propose the same idea, I call for a cheaper way of dealing with the problem, one that will not cause the hard working whites any increment in taxes.
The governor has corrupted the political system. I oppose his governance because of his corrupt ways. He has cunningly removed the system of public rule by bribing the entire Lower House of the Assembly. He gives massive favors to his friends in the assembly thereby turning noblemen into “yes men” who cannot oppose the governor (Grizzard and Smith.51). The poor whites that I represent continue to languish in poverty and live in deplorable conditions. I refuse to watch Englishmen suffer while the governor continues to enrich himself. He for example influenced the Burgesses to meet at statehouse where he made it clear to the representatives that they served at his mercy. I oppose such an archaic system of government and propose a society where we will not have to worry out protecting ourselves because of a weak enemy that we ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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US Colonial North American from 1607-1865 Research Paper.
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