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Gender and History in Modern South Asia # 1 - Essay Example

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Some of the ancient practices by Chinese people have faced stiff rejection especially over the course of twentieth century by citizens who are…
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Gender and History in Modern South Asia Essay # 1
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"Gender and History in Modern South Asia # 1"

Download file to see previous pages However, things have significantly changed during the twentieth century where traditions have been greatly rejected by the Chinese. Instead, they are turning to modern life by abandoning indigenous ways of dressing and practices for the modern way of life. Chinese people have encountered number of challenges as they try to transform from imperialism to modern way of life but by the help of educated people in the society, effective techniques have been used to liberate the China from imperialism.
The nation of China was long time ago composited of small communities until when transformation took place over the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The kind of leadership that was in place was quite different to the current one since centralization was in practice as opposed to decentralized leadership practiced to day. The ruler of the state was an emperor the Son of Heaven who held the central position of cosmos (Harrison 2). Besides the emperor, there existed a bureaucracy education which, had characteristics that clearly portrayed existence of modern China. However, it is worth noting the emperor was then perceived as world but not as a country. Nevertheless, this did not mean that the Qing courts did not recognize the presence of other nations since they could have negotiation with foreigners only that the negotiations could never be allowed to erase Chinese culture.
The concept of new Chinese identity grew significantly during the twentieth century especially when new leadership instilled new leadership skills that will not only preserve the tradition but as well endorse modern life style. The idea of forming nations was imported in South Asia from colonial masters with an intention to form considerable states rather than “imagined communities” where power and authority was to be decentralized. Understanding of rituals sparked mixed reactions in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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