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How Parthian Kingship Evolved and Developed - Essay Example

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This essay analyzes the royal image of the Parthian kings by the use of the coinage that initially belonged to the early Arsacids who are also known as Parthian kings. The paper also talks about the path to the throne of the most influential of the Parthian kings…
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How Parthian Kingship Evolved and Developed
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"How Parthian Kingship Evolved and Developed"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "How Parthian Kingship Evolved and Developed" talks about the royal image of the Parthian kings the study of which has been aided through the study of the coins of the earlier Arsacids in the mid-second century BCE.
When it comes to royal identity display, Mithradates used various ways to legitimize their rule through certain identity projection. Dynastic legitimization enabled him to get attached to the former rulers in the Arsacid line. With this regard, Mithridates managed to show that he was rational next in line. Through idolizing his father and not Arsaces I, he was guaranteed of a godly ancestor. Through his usage of the Arsacid name, he managed to position himself in the line of the Parthian empire development. As a result, it gave Mithradates a firm identity as a Parthian, whereas allowing other communication means and culture open.
It is viewed that the obverse faced similar way as obverses of the Seleucid faced. The diadem in various cultures had a meaning was adopted by Mithradates connected him with distanced him from the population of the Greek. The symbol of the beard was a vow for victory among the Parthian culture. Parthian coinage transformed from the traditional shape to something meaningful for Seleucid coinage and use of other cultural symbols to appeal to a greater audience. For this to work, certain conditions had to be fulfilled. The cultural elements had to be known by the targeted people and that the occupants of the empire were required to associate with their ruler. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Parthian Kingship Evolved and Developed Essay.
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