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The China-Japan Conflict over Senkaku and Diaoyu Island - Term Paper Example

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  This paper discusses the dispute between China and Japan over the dominion of the Senkaku and Diaoyu islands is seen as a major factor that might lead to war escalation in the two countries. The paper analyses many factors that if triggered may influence the decline of the growing economy. …
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The China-Japan Conflict over Senkaku and Diaoyu Island
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Extract of sample "The China-Japan Conflict over Senkaku and Diaoyu Island"

Download file to see previous pages The fear of investors, both local and international, on their properties may make them shift to other countries that are safe for investment. International monetary funds and government interests may cut their support of the countries at war leading to declining of the economic growth. Considering these effects, China and Japan governments may opt for a diplomatic way of solving their disputes rather than opting for war.
The government of China began to take an interest in the island since the discovery of oil was pronounced. China acknowledges that the island is within its boundary. The argument is the continued fisheries that were practiced in the earlier years by their forefathers. Their interest though began in the 1970s had been growing, and a counter-attack from the Japanese government in 2010 towards the Chinese fishermen proved the escalation of the disputes. The attack by the Japanese soldiers assured that they were in control of the island and ready to take any form of challenge (Pan). When this kind of attack happens, the Chinese government would likely respond. The response to this matter could be worrying. Chinese fishermen are sometimes held in custody over the allegation of trespassing and carrying out the fishing activity in the Japan ese territory. For this reason, the Chinese government might respond with war as a way of revenge or in an attempt to rescue them. Therefore, any kind of respond that does not involve the use of a diplomatic action that will lead to a long-lasting solution will cause an outbreak of international war.
China has been a silent country in terms of conflict with the neighboring and far countries. The country has not involved itself with other nation’s internal or international conflicts. The nature of the nation has been taken advantage of its rivals.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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