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Asian Blepharoplasty As A Type Of Body Modification - Essay Example

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The research "Asian Blepharoplasty As A Type Of Body Modification" discusses the factors that cause Asians to feel pressured to endorse Western beauty by focusing mainly on Asian Blepharoplasty. It also discusses tough issues brought up by these societal influences and propose the solution to them…
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Asian Blepharoplasty As A Type Of Body Modification
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"Asian Blepharoplasty As A Type Of Body Modification"

Download file to see previous pages What stands out from all these procedures is the fact that body features of Whites continue to prevail among the Asian culture and to the Asians, attaining such an ideal look is worth any cost. They feel that the Western look is more appealing compared to their own looks. These procedures from the brief, fair kind ones to the most dangerous, are dynamically provoked by the fashion industry or simply wanting to look good (Joo, 2012). Many advertisements in the Asian media relate individual and professional success to people with Western and Caucasian features and clear messages that in order to achieve significant things in life, then one has to follow the Western way of life, which involves looking like them (Nguyen et al., 2009). The Western way of life demands one to have a beautiful, appealing body from head to toe. During these efforts, Asians risk affecting their well-being and financial security due to the high expenses involved in these surgeries (Chen, 2001). This risky trend should be halted, but it will not happen if Asians continue to endorse Western fashion in their own fashion industry. This research will discuss the factors that cause Asians to feel pressured to endorse Western beauty by focusing mainly on Asian Blepharoplasty. It will also discuss tough issues brought up by these societal influences and propose the resolution to this social problem.
As Epstein and Joo (2013) confirm, modification of the human body has been there for as long as humans have willed themselves in order to fulfill the established modes that they feel satisfy societal standards. These modifications have been practiced in many ways and for different reasons. Historical evidence reveals that red dye removed from hematite was applied to the body with the aim of decorating it. After this, archaeological evidence confirms that over 10,000 years ago, animal bones, teeth, and colorful stones were considered as human adornments (Chen, 2001). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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