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Burumas Murder in Amsterdam and Duboiss Soccer Empire - Essay Example

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The book uses the horrifying killing of Van Gogh. In the book, the author gives a persuasive analysis of the ascending o radical Islam in Netherlands. There being many types of races living in Netherlands,…
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Burumas Murder in Amsterdam and Duboiss Soccer Empire
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Download file to see previous pages She feels that the West should not be cowards in proclaiming their system’s superiority. However, she compels the Muslims to adopt the Western values risk as a counterattack. The author shows that the most radical Muslims are not those who immigrate to Europe but those in the second generation and born in Europe. The most radical Muslims grow up rootless, disaffected and most of them are jobless.
In the Book “Soccer Empire” by Dubois, the author explores the history of French football and illuminates the tangled and great history of the relationship between France and its colonies in Africa such as Algeria, Caribbean, and West Africa. Dubois illustrates the role of sport in the evolution of anti-racism and anti-colonial movements. Dubois explores the relationship between sports clubs and political parties and the manner in which they influence racial equality and act as a channel for collective desires and emotions. The author uses two heroes in the modern French games namely Zidane and Lilian Thuram. Thuram is a hero: a diplomat and a football intellectual. He was born in Guadeloupe and committed to both his birthplace and the values of the French Republic. Thuram campaigns against racism because for him dignity is paramount despite all the provocation. According to Thuram, he does not sing the La Marseilaise when presenting France because he feels that it is more significant to feel loyalty instead of showing it.
Zidane is Dubois’ antihero character in his book. The players from different origins together with Zidane form a great team and win the World Cup in the year. Dubois illustrates that, the football team has come against racism and overcome it fully because the team is a multicultural composition of people from different origins. The team members forget their differences, work hard together to achieve one common goal. The French society in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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