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Colonial Corporation of the British Emperor - Coursework Example

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The paper "Colonial Corporation of the British Emperor" gives a detailed description of the policies of the British to exploit the people of the colonies for getting benefits and wealth from them. Different policies that were undertaken by The British Corporation are discussed here…
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Colonial Corporation of the British Emperor
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Extract of sample "Colonial Corporation of the British Emperor"

Download file to see previous pages Colonialism is defined as the establishment of political power by a country in another territory. The powerful country maintains its authority over the occupied country and expands its territory over there. It explodes the acquired colonies. Colonialism develops an unequal relationship between the colony and the colony power. The British colonial period started from the 16th century and continued until the 20th century. During this period many European powers acquired many colonies in Africa, Asia, and America. By the following colonialism, the British Empire became the most extensive empire of the world. The country became the strongest global power. By 1921 this empire ruled around 570 million people. Their colonialism started with territorial expansion through maritime policies.

The British established commercial links with different colonies and ended in acquiring those colonies. They build up a Chartered company for the purpose of trade, colonization, and exploration. It was an association that was composed of shareholders or investors. This company permitted British merchants to undertake different ventures. Gradually the companies started earning profit from the exploited colonies. Some of the British companies developed extensive administration on the colonies for their business ventures. England expanded its colonies in America by war. It gained control of New Amsterdam by negotiation. At the time of the Seven Years' War, the greater part of North America was controlled by the British.

The British established its colonialism in North America by European settlement. These colonial corporations are also known as Crown Corporation. It exported wealth back to the investors. The monarch chartered British Corporations. By the creation of those Corporations, the British expanded its empire. It helped to make their aristocracy wealthy. The early crown corporation had the right to wage war, levy taxes, and imprison persons. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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