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Based on the The daily life of China, Pg13-21, and Housing, Clothing, Cooking chapter of the book and additional source from the teacher,write a fictional story of 4-6 pages about someone in the Song Dynasty - Essay Example

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Tell Ma! The city is on fire!” Cheng Gong’s terrified cry was filled with utter desperation.1 His blistered little feet in his torn leather shoes were trying to cover all the distance to his house as soon as he could as he hurtled across the beaten earth…
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Based on the The daily life of China, Pg13-21, and Housing, Clothing, Cooking chapter of the book and additional source from the teacher,write a fictional story of 4-6 pages about someone in the Song Dynasty
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"Based on the The daily life of China, Pg13-21, and Housing, Clothing, Cooking chapter of the book and additional source from the teacher,write a fictional story of 4-6 pages about someone in the Song Dynasty"

Download file to see previous pages Though Cheng Gong had heard about some of the most destructive fires in the city’s history, he would have never imagined his calm and peaceful city of Hangchow burning like this before his eyes. His beautiful Hangchow sandwiched between serene and tranquil blue lakes, outlined with gentle green hills. Either side where the hills disappeared would start the array of neatly stacked multistoried wooden houses roofed with brightly colored tiles. Those houses that once stood here were being blazed as if the flames sought vengeance from it since centuries, the once crowded streets echoing with strollers on the go were now filled with shrieks and cries as people saw all their prized possessions being brought down to ashes in mere seconds. The streets where kids once ran after the pedlars who sold cooked food for small cash and where once bustling shops with buyers busy bargaining burgeoned, were now filled with people running for their lives in an absolute panic.3 Cheng Gong could feel nothing but helpless, but he was not going to heave a sigh of relief until he took his mother out of danger.
Cheng Gong opened his eyes to a gentle splash of water. His vision was blurred. “Cheng, Cheng! Wake up. We are safe. Your Ma is safe!” someone was shaking him. He envisaged it already; the ever excited voice could be of no one but Zhihuán, who always carried a wide toothed grin on his face. Cheng woke up with a heavy head, rubbing his eyes he woke up to find the worried face of his mother who he leapt to hug quickly. Cheng had never seen his father. He only remembered that he and his mother had secretly moved to the neighborhood one night. What Cheng did not know was his mother had fell prey to period in the Sung dynasty “when women’s situation apparently took turn for the worst”.4 Though Cheng’s father was being restricted to a single marriage due to monogamy in Hangchow, but that was in no way restricting him to a single woman. He would hit ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(“Based on the The daily life of China, Pg13-21, and Housing, Clothing, Essay”, n.d.)
Based on the The daily life of China, Pg13-21, and Housing, Clothing, Essay. Retrieved from
(Based on the The Daily Life of China, Pg13-21, and Housing, Clothing, Essay)
Based on the The Daily Life of China, Pg13-21, and Housing, Clothing, Essay.
“Based on the The Daily Life of China, Pg13-21, and Housing, Clothing, Essay”, n.d.
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