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Before 1968, Black Americans were not given the equal rights as the white Americans. But thanks to Martin Luther King Jr. the bill of equal rights were discussed in the senate. The paper "Civil Right Act Of 1968" discusses the history of the adoption of the civil rights act of 1968…
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Civil Right Act Of 1968
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Civil right act of 1968 Civil right act of 1968 1968 is best known for its political and social freedom. Before 1968, Black Americans were not given the equal rights as that of the white Americans. White American supremacy dominated the law, education, employment and other sectors. However, due to immense struggles of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. the bill of equal rights remained under discussion in the senate. House of the representative passed the bill of civil rights after the assignation Martin Luther King Jr. The civil rights law is based to end the discrimination based on race, sex or religion. The civil rights act of 1968 featured mainly the fair housing act. This act demanded equal rights of housing as that of the white Americans. Fair housing act of 1968 contributed to 1968 as the unique year in the world’s history.
Before the civil rights era, the situations regarding the racial discrimination were very worse. White race was considered supreme and white Americans have the power to consider the black (Afro-Americans) as the underprivileged race. There was no equal education of the Black Americans, no equal employment, no equal housing. Black people were unable to buy a home even if they have the money to but it. For this reason, black Americans demanded equal rights as that of the White Americans. Fair housing act was one of the demands that was debated and signed in 1968.
Senator Edward Brooke of Massachusetts was the first African-American ever elected to Senate. He was unable to buy a home due to his race. After that issue the fair housing act was debated in the senate strongly. Senate Leader, “Everett Dirksen”, strongly supported the bill in the senate. It was thought at earlier stage that the House of Representative would not gain a higher ratio of votes. However, the House of Representatives passed the bill due to urban unrest and militancy of African Americans movements.
On 4th April 1968, civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated and African Americans movements played part in riots, burning and looting in most cities. President Lyndon B. Johnson emphasized to pass the new civil rights bill to cool down the African Americans movements. On April 10, the fair housing act was passed and signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson to become a law the very next day.
Fair housing act played a major part in the civil rights bill to give equal rights to the African Americans. Many African Americans got equal housing as that of the white Americans due to the fair housing act. But due to the lack of transparency, some states followed the unfair rules for many years. Despite being one of the biggest mile stone in the history, fair housing act remained unclear for many years. High unemployment rate in African Americans forced then to lead their lives in small inner cities communities that were inundated by higher unemployment rates, higher crime rates and some other social problems.
References,. (2014). Fair Housing Act of 1968 - Black History - Retrieved 15 November 2014, from Read More
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