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The interviewee is my acquaintance from Pakistan. He was born and still lives there and works as a Computer Programmer. Judging from his answers I can say that he is very proud…
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Complete Cultural Interview
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Reflection on the interview Summarizing the information which I got from the answers of Zeeshan Jamal I found it very interesting. The interviewee ismy acquaintance from Pakistan. He was born and still lives there and works as a Computer Programmer. Judging from his answers I can say that he is very proud of his native country and everything connected to it. All his answers were clear and full, but one of them was quite unexpected for me; I’ve never thought that marriage is compulsory in Pakistan and this tradition isn’t changed under the influence of globalization. If I had more time I would talk more to this interesting person; I would ask him whether the tourism there is well developed, what the coat’s of arms and the flag’s historical peculiarities and also I would ask him a lot of questions about his profession and whether it is popular in Pakistan. Frankly speaking, I had and still have no preconceived ideas concerning my interviewee and his answers. Speaking about the biases or limitations to my interview I should say that my hands were tied by the moral prohibition not to ask very personal questions concerning family life and religion.
In conclusion I should say that from the interviewee answers we can infer that the process of globalization has made significant changes to Pakistan and people started communicate via their devices and nowadays stay less in life-contact. However the same globalization didn’t change the Muslim religion in this country so much, their traditions remained untouched, but during some holidays people prefer to send greeting massage than physically go and meet each other. My interviewee answers illustrate and confirm the fact of the technological impact to the people’s everyday life in Pakistan. Read More
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Complete Cultural Interview Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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