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In the years between 1815-1830 saw the development of ideologies which were related and competing, but at the same time they had very powerful influence during this time. The influences of these ideologies have extended in the future and are even seen in the present day. Some of…
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Ideology of socialism
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IDEOLOGY OF SOCIALISM Here Here IDEOLOGY OF SOCIALISM Introduction In the years between 1815-1830 saw the development of ideologies which were related and competing, but at the same time they had very powerful influence during this time. The influences of these ideologies have extended in the future and are even seen in the present day. Some of these ideologies include classical liberalism that started in France and Spain during the 1820s and later spread to England.1The liberals wanted freedom of press, efficient self-government, freedom of assembly, and constitutions. There was the radicalism and the republicanism that was seen in England in 1820s and was anti-monarchy and anti-church, and was generally seen to be opposed o the old ways.2 Socialism fought for economic equality and was seen to oppose the ideology presented by liberalism. Nationalism was considered the most powerful ideology during this period. Britain and France were considered strong nation-states that inspired the other parts of Europe.3
Socialism reflected the attitudes and aspiration of people during this time by giving them equality, which they had been fighting for form many years. Socialism gave working people the same rights as any other person.
Most of the revolution of 1848 was aimed at giving workers more say in the government. The revolutions were possible because socialism was considered to appeal to the wealthy
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