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Describe three important reforms that occurred during the Progressive Era in American history. Describe what each one of them was, and why each one was an important reform - Essay Example

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The first reform in the history of America happened during the early nineteenth century. The focus at the period was efforts in improving the working conditions. The working conditions developed…
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Describe three important reforms that occurred during the Progressive Era in American history. Describe what each one of them was, and why each one was an important reform
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"Describe three important reforms that occurred during the Progressive Era in American history. Describe what each one of them was, and why each one was an important reform"

Download file to see previous pages Some of the communities were based on religious ground. Another first reform was the abolitionism; a movement gained the strength during the first half of the nineteenth century. The driving motive in removing what many people believed was the great slavery’s great moral. The second reform started with removing slavery issues during civil war and a continuous reconstruction. The progressive era was seen as the third reform.
The America’s progressive movement was meant to address some of the social issues that came up in Us after the civil war due to industrialization. Progressive movement addressed some of the long-term issues like the suffering of women (Jaycox, 43). America changed big time after the civil war. The frontier was already settled, where the America emerged as one of the world’s industrial and agricultural power. During this period, there was imperialism experiment, development of great cities, and large numbers of the immigrants were accepted. The American community was bustled with industrial expansion, optimism, and wealth. Most Americans benefitted from the rising American industrial power Large numbers of the American subsisted on the edge of the economy. The women and children toiled in the mills and sweatshops for the pitiful sums. Poor children were unavle in attending the school. The health programs were not stable and the products were unhealthy.
The working conditions of the employees were not safe and there was no protection of the work place. The old age, widows, orphans, and women had no protection schemes. The state hospitals and prisons for the mentally ill was commonly the horror houses. The state governments operated on the spoils system. The legislators in the various states were not chosen through direct vote. The trusts and the monopolies gained a greater power in the economy of America. A growing movement in prohibiting the alcoholic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Describe three important reforms that occurred during the Progressive Era in American history. Describe what each one of them was, and why each one was an important reform
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