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Britain: Roxann Wheeler, The Complexion of Race, Sadiah Qureshi, Peoples on Parade, and David Cannadine, Ornamentalism - Book Report/Review Example

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This racial hierarchy has led to British expansion of empire across the world and has encouraged practice of slavery and human trade and putting them on display. In…
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Britain: Roxann Wheeler, The Complexion of Race, Sadiah Qureshi, Peoples on Parade, and David Cannadine, Ornamentalism
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Extract of sample "Britain: Roxann Wheeler, The Complexion of Race, Sadiah Qureshi, Peoples on Parade, and David Cannadine, Ornamentalism"

Download file to see previous pages In this book he tried to depict that how British alienated some dark skinned people and honoured some of them. By pictorial representation and different examples the author has explained that British had set a hierarchical image of their empire in racial terms.
The argument given in the book is that during 1780 to 1830 this hierarchical structure of race superiority of British got intensified. Collaboration with the princely states and respect towards the tribal chiefs was the governing way for this new imperium. An example is that of Sultans of Malay states who welcomed British residents before 1914, thus protecting their own sovereignty while following the advice of British in all matters except their religion and custom. British conquered Fiji and Hon in the same year and a treaty with King Cakobau insured the Fijian island from any dispossession (Cannadine, 2001, 53). Not only in terms of human races, the ranking structure was also evident in terms used by British for its colonies like “dark continent”, “shock cities” etc. The book argued how the British built the hierarchical concept as a matter of social prestige. When British encountered native people in North America in sixteenth seventeenth century then they did not see them as inferior rather they existed with an equivalent relationship. Cannadine has put forward his argument that British Empire promoted hegemonic imperial project for “one vast interconnected world”. As per Cannadine, Britons visualized their conquered colonies in terms of class. King Edwards comment on the Hawaii’s king Kalakaua appearance that either the brute is king or gardener proves this. Princes of India were sent to British public schools and proconsul like Dufferin and Minto reinforces layered social structure in the colonies. Upper classes of British used to identify big landowners and princes as their counterparts and they had access to country houses and clubs for gentlemen. In the book it is pointed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Britain: Roxann Wheeler, The Complexion of Race, Sadiah Qureshi, Book Report/Review)
Britain: Roxann Wheeler, The Complexion of Race, Sadiah Qureshi, Book Report/Review.
“Britain: Roxann Wheeler, The Complexion of Race, Sadiah Qureshi, Book Report/Review”, n.d.
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