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Experience of war veterans and psychological effects of Vietnam war - Assignment Example

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There is a bit of memory that each and every veteran in Vietnam can associate to in relation to the war. Regardless of whether the events were true or not in…
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Experience of war veterans and psychological effects of Vietnam war
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"Experience of war veterans and psychological effects of Vietnam war"

Download file to see previous pages From the stories of those who left the war, it can be understood that the conditions of survival were succinct to a point whereby they saw it was wise to rather die in their home countries under different circumstances than die in foreign lands under the conditions that they were living in. It is evident that the mental disturbance can arise from happenings and experiences that people undergo. With regard to humanity, there are different ways of contemplating situations, perhaps the soldiers who walked away from the war valued their humanity and opted to keep their distances from the occurrences of the Vietnam War (Salmon, 1921).
To the strong-willed, those who kept the ‘Short Timer’s’ Calendar seemed to know what to expect in war and hence they were ready to uphold their motto and fight for their nations regardless of whether death would precede. Self-esteem can also play a part in explaining why one would have opted to remain in the war. The thought of what people in their motherland would think if they retreated and left the war. (Salmon, 1921). The perception of cowardice on them was not an issue to relent ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Vietnam War
...of protests. In one such protest, war veterans threw away their medals on the steps of the Capitol building. The consequences of any war are always death and destruction, but the Vietnam War brought in its aftermath new problems of severe drug use among the US servicemen, as well as psychological problems of readjustment into society. In Vietnam, the harmful effects of toxic herbicides that were used caused disabilities and various types of cancers in generations of Vietnamese people. The political cost to the US was also seen in the people’s diminished faith in their leaders, and a distrust of the army...
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... The Vietnam War U.S. involvement in Vietnam proves that there are limits to the capabilities of any military, even the largest and most sophisticated in the history of the world. Understanding this reality is, or should be, a vital facet of foreign policy. The current conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq shows that if the costly lesson learned from Vietnam is not appreciated the U.S. will continue its foreign relations debacles which will further weaken its armed services, economic stability and political influence within the community of nations. The former imperialistic Roman Empire should serve as an example of how this cause and effect scenario plays out. A similar destiny awaits America if it refuses to stop repeating... discussion...
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.... The United States, throughout the Vietnam War up until its withdrawal in 1973, limited its actions against the Vietnamese communists in order to not provoke neighboring China or the Soviet Union from getting more involved. From 1959 to 1964, American military advisors and United States Army regular and special forces were deployed to South Vietnam and attached to South Vietnamese military units. Their mission was to train the fledgling South Vietnamese in effective combat techniques. The United States wanted a South Vietnamese victory over the communists with minimal United States involvement. Presidents Harry S Truman, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon B. Johnson wanted to...
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...Vietnam War Impulsive causes, as well as, starting points can be found in obvious forms in most of the American wars. Some of the examples of wars with obvious causes are North Korean War in the year 1950, Fort Sumter War in the year 1861, and a number of other wars that had understandable causes and reasons behind them. However, for the first time, the Vietnam War commenced with no noticeable or apparent reason or cause. This paper will try to understand different aspects of Vietnam War in light of readings from the given text. **In specific, South...
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...The rules of engagement (ROE) for limited warfare during the Vietnam held different implications for different levels of stakeholders in the conduct of the war, from the President as Commander in Chief down to the foot solider in the field of battle. In this brief essay, some of these major implications for major stakeholders will be summarized. The materials for these summaries were taken from reading Lewy (1978) and The Weider History Group (2006) For the individual soldier in the field, the ROE were often either unknown or unacknowledged. While the soldiers were aware of the general nature of the American involvement in Vietnam and understood that they needed to avoid unnecessary violence, if only to avoid making enemies... the...
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..., the scientific polemics is conditioned by the context of international relations development. The unique features of American nationalism can be explained by the inability of one of the most nationalistic states to deal with the manifestation of foreign nationalism. Vietnam War represents the brightest example of such inability. The mix of American universal values compared to nationalism, the belief in the power of the own country and limited national experience led to the destructive policies, which led to the confrontation with the Vietnamese nationalism. The previous experience of Vietnam was connected with the struggle with foreign domination. The...
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...Vietnam War What were the most important factors, according to Johnson, that led to the withdrawal? The first factor was the poor leadership and decision making techniques exhibited by the two presidents who fore so the war: Kennedy and Lyndon. They both put in more money and soldiers into the war that the Americans were clearly losing. The most important factor that led to the withdrawal was the immense deaths of the American soldiers. These deaths saw complaints and disgruntlement from the American people and so of the future leaders in the US and the pressure led to the withdrawal and end of the war. There was also the fact that millions of dollars...
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... Vietnam War Introduction The United s of America for the first time from 1964 to 1972 made an all-out military effort in the fight as it took sides in the conflict in Vietnam. With all the technological and human capabilities, America was favored to win that war. The Government of America was very determined to end that war in the shortest possible period that never came to be. So, what really transpired in the Vietnam War? Did America emerge the “obvious winner? Many questions about the Vietnam War lay unanswered to date. This paper discusses and compares the views of different authors about the war in Vietnam. Evidently, the issue has been viewed differently as the books that will be discussed highlight. Some authors attribute... the...
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