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In understanding and defining a concept or a subject of colossal nature like ‘art’, lending an ear is necessary to the voices of the many researchers in this field. Art may mean different things to different people but, at a point of convergence on the divergent opinions…
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Lecturer: Question In understanding and defining a concept or a of colossal nature like ‘art’, lending an ear is necessary to the voices of the many researchers in this field. Art may mean different things to different people but, at a point of convergence on the divergent opinions lays the true purpose of art. If one was to agree with Leo Tolstoy (like I do), art is an activity where one expresses his experiences, by means of external signs, that leaves lasting impressions on others. These experiences can be transmitted through movements, sounds, colors, lines or words to make such compounded works of art as sculptors, paintings, drawings, music and dance among others( Tolstoy 5)
Art is of great value to the life of a person and its study does not only equip one with the knowledge of art but also influences and impacts on our daily life experiences. Through the study of art, one is able to learn and appreciate his culture and that of others. In this respect, art can be used as a vehicle fostering social cohesion as it cuts across cultural barriers. More so, art gives form to thoughts and promotes self expression as one is able to bring his inner subconscious thoughts to a work of art that expresses his emotions thus enhancing creativity.
What then distinguishes a work of art and artistic creativity? Everyone is creative in their own way and the end product of such creativity may become art or fail to be termed so. The difference lies in the functional aspect of the object created. Any piece of art work will evoke emotions from the viewer; anger, disgust, beauty and many more. I doubt if the same can be said of just any artistic creativity.
Question 2
A keen look at the Tres Riches Heures especially the calendar reveals certain elements in the paintings that make them appear real. There is an extensive use of color and this element makes a clearer view giving a vivid picture of the painting. In the January painting for instance, Jean de Berry is dressed in a blue fitting robe. The painting does illustrate the giving of New Year’s gifts and so is that of July that depicts the reaping of hay and shearing of sheep. The movements in the paintings appear real and the elements captured do fit into the space.
Cimabue and Giotto’s works of art are seen to be trailblazers in the path towards naturalism. They achieved this by using different elements in their painting. For example, Giotto’s painting; virgin and child enthroned, the figures in the painting are depicted as using humanly gestures such as holding the hands in a worship form and tilting the head. Mary is painted in attire that befits her feminine nature. The use of different shades of color by the artist also reveals humanly characteristics such as the people in the painting are seen to have hair on their heads. Mary is also depicted as gently carrying a child in her arms. The same can also be said of Cimabue’s painting of Virgin and child enthroned.
In creating a three dimensional illusion, the artists, did create a sense of space by using overlapping figures in their paintings. In Giotto’s virgin child for instance, Mary is sitting on a raised structure (probably the throne) while the others are either besides or before her and appear to be ‘worshipping ’her. This element makes the figures appear as if they are occupying real space. The use of different shades of colors also helps bring this theme. By using contrasts of light and shadow, the artists were able to create the perception of nearer and far objects in the painting. In denoting near and far figures, the artists used the element of size by making objects that appear closer bigger than those behind.
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Tolstoy G, Leo. What is Art? New York: Hackett Publishing, 1996 Read More
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