Mussolini's Offensive against the Nazis and Tentative Talks with the British - Book Report/Review Example

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In this regard, the author describes the events of the summer of 1944 in which Mussolini was making preparation for his dissociation from the Nazis( Foppiani, 140) …
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Mussolinis Offensive against the Nazis and Tentative Talks with the British
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Extract of sample "Mussolini's Offensive against the Nazis and Tentative Talks with the British"

Mussolinis Offensive against the Nazis and Tentative Talks with the British The chapter readings delve into Mussolini’s offensive against the Nazis and tentative talks with the British. In this regard, the author describes the events of the summer of 1944 in which Mussolini was making preparation for his dissociation from the Nazis( Foppiani, 140) . This was apparently to commence with the relocation of some seats of the Milan ministries, preparation of his invective –laden speech at the Teatro Lirico and finally with the Nazi-highly criticised reshuffle of the ministerial cabinet (Foppiani, 141). The author highlights the Republican Alpine Redoubt (RAR) as the most important move so as to have the industrialists from his own side. In this regard, Mussolini is credited with his willingness to undertake a new role as a protagonist pontoneer duty between the old generation Italy and new generation Italy (Foppiani, 142).
The readings equally delve into how the Italian Social Republic made a declaration stating that Rome was its new capital. However, the capital city was apparently located in Northern Italy on Lake Garda (Foppiani, 145). This was evidently where Mussolini’s government was situated. Mussolini was apparently making proclamations stating that they were in total control. On the contrary, Mussolini did not have any actual power as the ‘government’ was devoid of any organized economy, constitution and was total dependent on financial backup from the Nazis. The text equally narrates the series of fightings in which the allied forces was undertaking as it advanced northwards and assuming power over Rome by June 1944. This consequently contributed to the reduction of RSI territory. This prompted Mussolinin to make secret plans of retreating to Germany while making false public declarations of fighting against the allied forces to the last man.25th April 1945 marked the ultimate demise of the Italian Social Republic following success of the Allied forces over Italy (Foppiani, 145). Eventually, on 27th April 1945, Mussolini was captured alongside most of his allies while attempting to flee.
Foppiani, Oreste. The Allies and the Italian Social Republic (1943-1945) Anglo-American relations with, perceptions of, and judgments on the RSI during the Italian Civil War. Bern: Peter Lang, 2011. Print. Read More
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