Development and Globalization in Africa - Essay Example

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The development of dams and water reservoirs across the African continent has acted as a source of both economic development and social disconnect among countries. The construction of dams has the potential to improve the economic performance of a country and region. With enough…
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Development and Globalization in Africa
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Download file to see previous pages Dams and water reservoirs have the ability to divert the natural course of rivers, a process that affects the economic and social position of other countries served by the same water body. The development of dams also changes the original riparian users of such natural resources to new beneficiaries, a situation that can create national animosity and understanding. Based on this argument, the construction of dams is affected by the need to bring together the conflicting interests of different nations affected by the same decision. Nations must find the best ways to share the available resources equitably and in a sustainable manner with the aim of meeting the needs of the environment and the economy as a whole2.
The development of most African countries has been centered on the need to empower the agricultural sector and reduce the cost of energy generation and electricity use. This goal has been achieved fully or in part in most African countries such as Egypt and Ghana through the construction of dams and water reservoirs. The commission reports on dams highlight the significant position that dams play in the progressive development of an economy. First, dams remain significant and influential in the development and economic empowerment of human beings. Countries such as Egypt have derived massive benefits from dams constructed on controversial water bodies such as river Nile3.
Secondly, most countries and people have been forced to pay significant amount of money to safeguard the benefits accrued from the construction of such dams in different parts of the continent. In most instances, the cost that has been incurred to secure the construction of such sites goes beyond the financial value it has on the economy and the people.
Some communities living downstream and using the water bodies for various purposes have been forced into ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Development and Globalization in Africa Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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