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A central idea of the speech is the Native Americans, considered uncivilized and unfit for a “white” America were forced to leave their homeland and settle in Oklahoma. The purpose of the statement is to inform the audience about the Removal of the Cherokees through the tale of Trail of Tears…
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Profile Speech about Trail of Tears- Removal of the Cherokee
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Download file to see previous pages IV. (Preview body of speech) Today, I shall tell you what prompted the U.S. government to decide the fate of thousands of Native Americans. Next, I will tell you how tribes such as Cherokees were affected following which I shall take you back to the fateful “Trail of Tears.” Finally, being an optimist, I will share with you the present conditions of the relocated people and the role of the U.S. government in their lives today.
3. Americans and Cherokees signed a treaty. This treaty was supposed to bring in some form of civilization among the tribal men i.e. they were expected to give up hunting and adopt farming. The Cherokees accepted the terms since it not only meant progress but it also meant that the Americans would further on mind their own business and leave them alone.
This deadly trek, during the course of which thousands of Cherokees perished, loved ones died in front of the eyes while others stood helpless. The Cherokees only stopped some time to bury their dead and continued marching westwards. The Cherokees called this journey – “ Nunna dual isunyi” meaning the trail where we cried. In English, this earned popularity as the “Trail of tears” (Fradlin,2008).
(Transition) It is true, that today as I stand here talking about our American Native brothers and sisters, their plight is still the same. Almost a million of them still remains in abject poverty and lead a life of prejudice.
The American Indian Relief Council works towards helping the Native Americans build a stronger community and bring in positive changes in their lives by offering services from literacy to nutrition (American Indian Relief Council). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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