Main idea and themes of Raphael's 'Madonna of the Meadow' - Essay Example

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Amazingly, paintings have been used to pass a message both in the past and in today’s world with many artistes expressing their opinion in a distinct way. Raphael was a painter who lived up to his 36th birthday and died due to fever caused by overworking. In the painting, the…
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Main idea and themes of Raphaels Madonna of the Meadow
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Extract of sample "Main idea and themes of Raphael's 'Madonna of the Meadow'"

Raphaels Madonna of the Meadow Amazingly, paintings have been used to pass a message both in the past and intoday’s world with many artistes expressing their opinion in a distinct way. Raphael was a painter who lived up to his 36th birthday and died due to fever caused by overworking. In the painting, the artist’s message is about God through pictures. Firstly, the main idea about the painting is that about God’s existence and omnipresence (Weyant, p.1). Color blue has been used everywhere in the painting to illustrate God’s trait of omnipresence. Further, there is a glowing triangle, which the painter used to further the agenda of God’s immortality and power. Actually, the triangle represents the unity and responsibilities of the trinity, which is symbolized by the three edges of the triangular shape.
In the short film, the painter has passed his message of religious belief to other for centuries since his demise. Apparently, the painter has proved an important point: that painting is one of the ways to pass a message. Moreover, a message passed through painting can indeed last long. Even though there has been an evolution in terms of painting with the modern technology threatening to push others into oblivion, Raphael’s work is still significant. Additionally, Raphael seeks to show the God’s commitment to assisting humankind. The red color is used to signify the inevitable shedding of Christ’s blood while the cross is interpreted as the subsequent death. Finally, the painting of the woman represents Mary, the mother Christ whose are eyes are fixed Christ, the expected savior (Weyant, p.4). In short, Raphael seeks to express his religious affiliation through painting.
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YouTube, 2 Dec. 2011. Web. 24 Sept. 2014. . Read More
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