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United States of America experienced an attack on its home soil by Al-Qaeda operatives. The events changed commercial airlines airport security procedures in modern…
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of unit The Events of 9/11 and Passenger Security of Modern Aviation. In the year, 2001 events occurred that changed the screening of passengers in modern aviation in the world. United States of America experienced an attack on its home soil by Al-Qaeda operatives. The events changed commercial airlines airport security procedures in modern aviation. The paper explores the events of the fateful day and the impact it had on modern aviation procedures today.
The Event
Al-Qaida operatives’ hijacked four American passenger airliners and used them as moving targets to hit the world trade center, western wing of the pentagon and the forth never successfully hit its intended target the white house in Washington. Two planes hit world trade center that eventually collapsed (Bodden, 25). The events of this day changed the airport security procedures in relation to modern aviation.
The implication to the aviation industry.
The terrorist attacks reduced the passenger’s confidence in air travel. There was massive job loss, and many companies went to receivership. A solution was needed fast since the terrorist attack threatened the existence of the industry. Airport security was about to receive a transformation that would remain as a mark in the aviation industry. It was clear that old security systems used previously were not working in the industry.
Modern aviation airport security changed from the events of that fateful day. The country was quick to introduce full body scanners backed by the NTC regulations (Price and Forrest, 64). Previously airport security was limited to only x-ray scanners used to search and screen passengers. The procedure proved to be ineffective as 19 terrorists entered passenger planes and led to massive loss of life and over 10 billion $ in property loss.
Airport security also started screening passengers using other databases from other arms of the government. The screening is intense for passengers who fail to produce government issued IDs in United States of America. The homeland security introduced the blacklist that contains names of passengers who are not allowed to board planes. The blacklist contains people who are as a potential threat to the passengers and the crew on board.
The type of luggage that passengers carry onboard a flight is after discovery of the possibility of liquid bombs aboard airlines. Some of the airlines introduced armed flight marshals to act in case of any danger. The new measures increased the cost of air travel but effectively boost security on airlines.
In conclusion, the events of September in 2001 changed the way airport security is conducted concerning modern aviation. The industry heightened security measures after the events. Passengers blacklist was introduced for the first time in airline. There is opposition to some of the measures however; most of the petitions filed in court have been lost. Passengers boarding planes are screened and their conduct on the plane recorded. The new measures are to alleviate any threat to other passengers and the crew.
Works cited
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Price, Jeffrey, and Jeffrey Forrest. Practical Aviation Security. 1st ed. Oxford: Elsevier Science, 2013. Print. Read More
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