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Apart from the United States, another country that was involved in the war is Australia. The country got involved in the war in order to support South Vietnam in the year 1962. In addition, the Australians were involved in the…
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The American War in Viet Nam
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Download file to see previous pages Despite their active involvement, people from Australia were anxious about the country’s involvement in the war. It is noteworthy that various novels and other cultural texts focus on Australia’s involvement in the war and its consequences.
An example of a book that talks about Australia’s participation in the war is “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Bien. This book contains short stories that talks about the country’s involvement while criticizing the complex political web that led to both America’s and Australia’s participation while featuring O’Brien and his fellow soldiers (O’Brien 18). The author has explained the roles of politics in the war while focusing on the soldiers who participated in the war. The initial chapter in the book talks about soldiers from Australia and American carrying weapons in literary way. The book contains well-researched information with the main source being the experiences of the author during the Vietnam War. Based on the author’s arguments in the book, the book is against the soldier’s participation in the war. The author describes the emotional pains and burdens carried by the soldiers in form of weapons throughout the war. It makes the audience identify with the soldiers’ suffering instead of focusing on their positions in the war. According to the author, the country got involved in the war because it lacked enough information and was misled by other countries such as the US and Vietnam. Through the book, the audience realizes how the soldiers were caught up in a complicated political game during the war. The author explains how the Australian soldiers were alienated during the war (O’Brien 18). In the later chapters, the book seems to accuse the country’s governments and the public for betraying the soldiers. The book pictures the real event in the country during the war. For instance, through the book, the audience realized how soldier were being manipulated in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The American War in Viet Nam Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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