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Why was the placement of Donatello’s bronze David and Judith and Holofernes in the Medici Palace courtyard and garden significant? What does their placement reveal? (pp. 32)
Mcham argues that the ethnography that exists between Donatello’s bronze…
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McHam_Donatellos David & Judith_x
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Download file to see previous pages the controversial message that the family’s role in Florence was the same as that of respected Old Testament autocrat slayers and saviors of the people that emblematically inverted the increasing accusations that the Medici had developed tyranny that took all the power from the republican institutions in the city (McHam 32).
The sculptures were mainly used as focal points of the courtyard and the garden that were linked. David was raised on a high base at the middle of the courtyard and could be seen when the palace’s main entrance was open. The exact location of the Judith and Holofernes in the plot is not known as the orchard was immediately behind the quad, it may have been noticeable from the quad if it was located on the bloc between the orchard and the quad (McHam 32). The placement of the sculptures reveals that they could easily be viewed by the desired audience since the courtyard could be accessed by palace visitors and the garden could be accessed by an invited group.
2) What evidence does McHam provide that suggests Donatello’s earlier marble version of David was interpreted in political terms? How would the placement of the artist’s later version of David been understood? (p. 34)
The inscriptions in the manuscripts which describe the Palazzo della Signoria validate the speculation that had earlier been unproven that they might have been added to the sculpture before 1416 before Danatello recut the figure to emphasize a political role for David as being the defender of Florence (McHam 34). This was done by baring his one of his legs and removing the scroll that had previously used to identify David as being a prophet. The placement of the bronze version of David in the courtyard can be understood as a self-conscious allusion to the previous marble analogue and the inscription it was associated with. It was also a sign that the Medici were closely associated to the regime and supported their principles.
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