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The military action have become very intense such that it has got a new identity, that is, the world’s police. The term world police mean that the USA military…
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Policemen of the World Thesis and Outline
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Policemen of the World Thesis and Outline 19/08/14 The United s of America has become united in its military operations with the states and outside its boundary. The military action have become very intense such that it has got a new identity, that is, the world’s police. The term world police mean that the USA military force is using its powers in the countries of the world in the name of keeping law and order; the role played by police officers in any given country in the world.
There are numerous instances that the American forces have been involved in military actions around the globe. In fact, the United States of America have been involved in over 234 wars in different countries of the earth. The first war was between 1798 and 1800 with France. The war was instigated by land controversy in the now Dominican republic. In the 20th century, United States of America was involved in a fierce war against Cambodia and Vietnam (Collier, 1993). The most recent war between 1990 to date has been to nations such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Egypt among other countries.
There have been controversies surrounding the USA involvement in the global wars. The controversies within the nation are on the constitutional mandates that give the president power to invade a nation without consulting the senate and the congress (Kornbluh, 2003). The congress demands for a proper clause that the president must always seek for their opinion before he execute his plan to attack a worrying nation. Controversies have also arose on the countries being attacked by the USA troops. There were controversies in Iraq when the USA troops invaded them and ousted Sadam Hussein that the country had nuclear weapons but the country never had any weapon. The question now is why did USA have to attack another nation on false claims? (Steinhauer, 2011) The united states of America need to have a clear investigation before attacking any nation. The wars usually lead to the deaths of many civilians majority of whom are innocent. It should be noted that war does not bring any benefit, but a loss to the life of human kind.
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