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The events that led to a change in perception of the Federal Government between 1933 to 1938 cannot be mentioned without reflecting on the happenings of late 1920’s and early 1930’s when the great depression struck various economies of the world. In as much as the effects…
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Federal Government
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Federal Government The events that led to a change in perception of the Federal Government between 1933 to 1938 cannot be mentioned without reflecting on the happenings of late 1920’s and early 1930’s when the great depression struck various economies of the world. In as much as the effects were not felt across some regions, other notable areas had to endure extremely difficult situations. In the United States, for example, 25% of all workers and 37% of all non-farm workers had lost their jobs by 1933.
Before 1933, people held the perception that the Federal Government with the help of some of its structures was to provide a favorable environment for businesses and the society to prosper (Christie 52). After the great depression, however, when people were starved and had lost most of their properties, people believed that the Federal Government through its structures ought to provide necessities to its population. In as much as the then leadership under Roosevelt focused on fighting the great depression, and heeded the cry of various organized corporations and labor unions, the belief among the citizens was that such strategies were aimed at assisting bankers, large farmers and employees who belonged to certain unions. In a rather unfamiliar manner, even those who had been benevolent supporters of the strategy rebelled including Huey Long, who was the then senator for Louisiana. Such moves prompted the government to take charge of certain responsibilities including creating a social security fund project for the elderly and compensating workers who lost their jobs.
Amidst all the challenges that existed nevertheless, the United States did not refuse to believe. And in as much as some of their recovery strategies stalled, the nation adopted mechanisms that has made it become a model nation to the whole world.
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